DATE A LIVE Ep 7: Kurumi, the Malicious Spirit

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DATE A LIVE Ep 7 Img 0022DAMN. Kurumi is one hell of a malicious spirit, and it’s quite fitting for her ‘Spirit’ name to be Nightmare. She is extremely dangerous (heck she doesn’t even try to hide it- it was obvious from the very second she walked into the classroom) and has a record of killing thousands of people with her own hands, and we saw exactly that with the thugs. We don’t know the extent of Kurumi’s abilities, but we do know one thing for sure no matter how many times her body is destroyed/she is ‘killed’, she will always come back. On her right eye is a clock, so perhaps her abilities have something to do with ‘Time’ and ‘Illusions’. If Time is involved, then perhaps mixed in with Illusions, she can easily slip out of the scene by manipulating time and creating a illusion to throw her enemies off before retreating. This would actually make a lot of sense as when we watched the footage of Mana dealing with her, Kurumi made no particular attempts of attack. That very moment when we saw her using her powers might have been when she activated her powers.

DATE A LIVE Ep 7 Img 0017Kurumi aside, today we learned more about Shido. We don’t know for sure yet, but it appears the odds are in favour of Mana in fact being Shido’s biological sister, as of the two of them both have no memories from their past. Shido unfortunately does not have any recollection of his past with mana, but while Mana doesn’t either, the only hint that connects her with Shido is a locket that has a picture of what seems to be the two of them as children. This brings us to wondering what had happened to them in the past as Shido was later adopted into Kotori’s family- hence making them non-biological siblings.

DATE A LIVE Ep 7 Img 0001I didn’t particularly care about the rivalry between Kotori and Mana about who has the right to be recognized as Shido’s sister. Kotori showed us her possessive side, when she had originally assumed that Mana was there to take Shido away with her. Speaking of Mana, she didn’t tell them that she worked for the AST… err, well actually ‘officially’ speaking she works under the JGSDF (whatever that is – Japan Guardian Spirit Defense Force or something? Just a wild guess- probably isn’t even close). I find it rather interesting how she ended up working there, but then again as Origami is also a highschool student she works part of the AST, so recruiting this particular age group is probably more common than one would think- especially if Mana had been looking for her own ‘home’ as she is currently living at the AST’s dorms.
Mana also apparently has a record of killing a spirit- but it makes me wonder whether it’s ‘Nightmare’ who she had ‘killed’ as she had answered to Origami, “You should consider that case differently than other Spirits” followed up by, “Well I think it won’t be long before you come across it yourself”. With that said, perhaps the only way to kill Kurumi/Nightmare is by another Spirit since it’s clear their current technology, even with Mana’s equipment doesn’t do the job, nor I imagine would Love solve the problem since Kurumi is very interested in becoming one with Shido (in this case, I see her referring to devouring since she wants his power).

As for Origami, oh dear. That was quite stupid on her part to go and confront Kurumi on her own. Varying on her mood, Kurumi could easily kill her on the spot, but as we see that Origami is in fact in one piece next week, someone such as Tohka or Shido appears, or Kurumi decides to have ‘fun’ and let Origami go.

Next week someone else will either cover Episode 8 for me since I will be away with limited internet access. This applies to Maou-Sama and Kakumeiki Valvrave as well. If nobody has time however, these entries will only be posted on Monday and/or Tuesday.



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