Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 1: Adapting to the Human Life on Earth [First Impression]

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After having to retreat from his palace in Ente Isla, the Satan Lord and his underlining Alsiel suddenly find themselves in the modern Human World, stripped from both their powers and their appearance completely changed. They soon learn that they are no longer in their world, but now on Earth in Japan and that they must make money in order to survive.

Eva’s First Impression:

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 1 Img 0003Hataraku Maou-sama had quite an epic kick off. Actually, I had to double check whether this was going to be a romantic comedy or not because I was almost scared off after seeing the blood flying everywhere. (It was probably because Karneval just scared the life out of me before I watched this). I love the fight at least, that was fun (as expected of White Fox).

So our dear Satan Lord and his loyal underlining Alsiel are unable maintain their true forms because of the lack of magic in this world (Earth), and every time Maou uses the little bit that he has left, he loses it for good until he is able to ‘recharge’. However thanks to that little bit of magic he has left, he was able to translate/ obtain vital information about this world and what they need to do in order to survive. They would have been in a mighty pinch if he weren’t able to do that.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 1 Img 0033One of the things I find really refreshing about Maou is that he is not being all stuck up, going on about how he refuses to do any work. Instead he is embracing the fact he has a job (not to mention, quite passionate about it too), he has a goal to get promoted and obtain a permanent position- which he finally did at the end of the episode- not to mention, he almost used his magic (that Alsiel had warned him to use only in a life or death situation) just to fix the fryer! In the mean time Alsiel was ordered to put his time into doing research in hopes of finding a way to either return to their world, or a way to recharge their magic. I love Alsiel’s character so far, his dramatic poses to cast his magic and how he just went along and ate the food the police officer had given him (I find it amusing that both officers did that) makes him hilarious.

I actually wished to have seen them encounter an Anime Convention, but holy crap that would be have been hilarious as hell. I could already see them being confused with everyone’s cosplays and stuff- perhaps we will see them encounter one in the future, but since they have pretty much adapted to the Human World, they would probably know what it actually is.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 1 Img 0039I really liked the turn of events that the girl who Maou had given his umbrella to, is actually his enemy Emilia the Hero. I had initially thought this was going to be a Ordinary Human x Satan Lord romance set up, but I like it even more with it being Emilia instead (I think- maybe I am jumping the gun here, after all it is only the first episode). With that said, I am very curious how Emilia managed to get into this world as well, unless of course she followed them.

It is hard to say whether this is a show that I would feel motivated enough to blog. This episode alone was a bit of a challenge, so I perhaps this might be something I’m better off just watching.

PS: Harry Potter Reference FTW

Possibility of Blogging: Maybe (Open to Sharing though)
Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed


Tenderfoot’s First Impression:

Hataraku Maou-sama! was nothing and everything I expected it to be. The fighting at the beginning was really nicely done, as expected of White Fox. The animation throughout was actually nice the humor made me laugh a couple of times (Alsiel’s continued dramatic attempts to get his powers to work, the Harry Potter reference, Maou’s serious dilemma about if to use magic or not. On a fryer.) The characters were very likable. These were all the things I was expecting. I was not expecting Maou to be as…nice as he is. And that’s a good thing! I was really expecting most of the humor in the show to come from Maou trying to take over the earth and just being focused on getting his powers back and being evil. But instead, he quickly realizes that it’s best for them to play by the human rules, and focuses on making money. He takes his job seriously (even if it’s “only” at a fast-food restaurant, he makes logical decisions about how to spend their money (buying a refrigerator, a washing machine, and a bike, instead of spending it all on…porn or something like that), he’s even nice enough to give a stranger his umbrella. I like this responsible Satan!

With the introduction of the Hero Emilia, I think it can only get better from here, as we learn what exactly brought her to Earth and how all of them are going to get back. At this point, I don’t think I’d even be bothered if there wasn’t any romance between the two, or even very much romance in any shape. The premise might have sounded boring and/or run-of-the-mill, but I think there are enough changes and tweaks to really make it something different. I would even be willing to bet that it will be something of the sleeper hit of the season. All that being said though, I have to be very picky about what I want to cover this season, and while Hataraku Maou-sama! is good (so far), it’s also the type of show that’s hard to cover. I personally have a hard time writing about humor, since 1. reading rehashings of jokes that you’ve already seen/heard is tedious and 2. I suck at telling jokes in the first place, so I think I’m going to just stick to watching this, instead of blogging.

Possibility of Blogging: Not Likely
Possibility of Watching: Yes 


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