Chihayafuru 2 Episode 13: To Win for the Team!

“For you, I would have given up my life”

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Whew, the tension was so thick, you’d need a chainsaw to cut it not a knife! AND GREAT NEWS! THE AUDIENCE HAS FINALLY SHIFTED THEIR ATTENTION TO THIS MATCH!
Just holy smokes, I honestly wasn’t expecting their match to go beyond two episodes. The match has been going on for quite a while now, as you can remember seeing the sunset and now the sky is dark. I absolutely love that they even took that into consideration for display. The match’s momentum is constantly going back and forth, since it all comes down to the entire team successfully snatching their card. If one or more loses a card, it breaks the momentum as well as waters down the imitation level.

Chihayafuru 2 Ep 13 Img 0011It turns out that my gut instincts of Chihaya struggling keep focus was on the mark, only it isn’t so much about the pressure of leading the team to victory. Instead it is simply her losing concentration and not being able to get into a momentum until way later into the game. I hope she continues her newfound momentum through out the next episode otherwise Chihaya is guaranteed to lose. She can’t afford to let the gap between her and Ousaka grow. Also we learned something new today: Chihaya can’t challenge cards even if her life depended on it. She is too soft, and is glued to her fair play moto. When Ousaka had given her the first one without a peep, she freaked out. Then when she had definitely swiped the card, Ousaka this time challenged her and Chihaya ended up giving in. It was actually quite funny since neither of them are used to being vocal about it. Chihaya has also shown that she has become more observant, since she noticed something about Ousaka’s balled up fist (be it being a sign of losing focus or her posture- I honestly don’t know what Chihaya had figured out right then and there).

Chihayafuru 2 Ep 13 Img 0042Ousaka revealed to us that she actually doesn’t care about the Queen title. It was simply something that her friends and others assumed and devoted themselves to karuta to help her get stronger. The only thing that matters to her is playing as a team, which is why she wants to win so badly. It was good to see that at least one of her companions (Yu-chan) even considered that Ousaka isn’t interested in becoming the Queen. At least that shows she puts a bit more thought and consideration towards Ousaka and not just blindly assuming that’s what she wants. However on the more positive note, this allowed the girls to take Karuta more seriously to the point they actually enjoy the game and become quite strong. Speaking of which, Nishida! What hell is with you man! You are scared of her? BECAUSE SHE IS STRONG AS A GUY? Oh cut the crap already and get a hold of yourself. I didn’t think you would lose your cool over a trivial matter like this! Besides you played against strong girls before haven’t you?!

We barely heard anything from Taichi this episode except for the part of being worried about perhaps having said the wrong thing at the wrong time again. I can see him shouldering the blame if they were to lose.

I am glad that Sumire’s notes turn out to be quite helpful (more than one would assume at first look). However it you put the pieces of the puzzle together. Only someone like Tsutomu would be able to figure it out since you’d need to have a lot of knowledge and information about what the item could be related to in the first place. In return, it helped Tsutomu find his momentum and give the team a shout out.

Speaking of our beloved team, we were truly able to see just how much they have all helped and support Chihaya’s dream to become the next Queen. Much like Ousaka’s teammates, they all worked together to help her gradually overcome her weaknesses and become stronger than ever. So when Chihaya picked up “For you, I would have given up my life” card, it held a lot of meaning to her (NOT TO MENTION, SYMBOLIC!/FEELS).



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6 Responses

  1. Hee7 says:

    I just marathoned this series for the past three days and just. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE? WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO PICK IT UP? IT’S A SHOUNEN SHOUJO AND SO MUCH BRILLIANCE I CAN’T. \(; o ;)/

    ^^^^ I agree w/ pretty much everything in the above squee review. <3

    That said, I think this episode lingered a bit too much on this at match than I was hoping for. I LOVE what it's doing with the match and the feels, but–just–maybe it could have been done at a faster pace? Idek this show. It's gonna kill me to wait a week to find out more.

    And in case anyone’s interested, my OTP for this show is TAICHIxAIR so just keep breathing my precious bb, love life and be happy~

    • Eva says:

      Yeah I definitely agree that it is dragging on a bit. So either it ends half way into next week’s episode or it’ll take up the entire thing. Either way this match MUST end next week- otherwise I think that’s really pushing it- especially if they were to win, because the finals ought to be a long match as well- unless they are miraculously up again Hokuo, but I highly doubt it. XD That would be too perfect for our Tokyo Representatives wouldn’t it?

      • Hee7 says:

        Yeah. I think it has to be Fujisaki for the Finals. I feel there was too much set-up in the last five episodes (the Tokimemo 3 look-alike MC in the audience, the long-eyelashes girl-pro guy) and enough bragging by Hokuo for it not to build up to facing Fuji in the Finals. …if our beloved team wins, that is. (I love how we can be uncertain of a win!) And by Tokimemo 3 I mean Tokimemo GS (Girl’s Side) 3. Ahh… OTL

        • Eva says:

          There’s no telling whether they’ll win or not because in the end, regardless of the outcome Chihaya will probably be facing one or more of the Fujisaki’s aces during the individual tournament.

          • Hee7 says:

            Ah, that’s right! I totally forgot about the individual tournament! For some reason I figured the Individuals are for Shinobu and Arata only, but it makes sense that it isn’t. /dunce

            Do the team tournaments all take place on the same day? Then the individuals the day after…? I suppose it’s convenient for travel expenses, but geez! Monster stamina is required! @_@

            • Eva says:

              I think the Team Tournament does take up the ENTIRE day (at least this one is for sure). Talk about a LONG day! Yeah I think the individuals match takes place the next day.

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