Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Ep 8


…. Meh, it wasn’t that great of an episode. It was boring for most part and Sorata’s sister was incredibly annoying. I knew that she would choose his high school to enroll into but I am actually crossing my fingers that she won’t appear again. There are already enough misunderstanding gags being directed by Nanami, so there is no need for another one because it is only going to become repetitive and dull (which is already taking effect).

On the related note, I am not looking forward to next week’s episode because it is likely to turn into another fanservice episode. I never have been nor would I probably won’t ever be a fan of fanservice scenes, and as one can imagined, it was boring for me to sit though the bathing scene. This is J.C. Staff, so there is automatically a 95% chance that there will be some sort of fanservice episode in almost ever production they are involved in.

The actual highlight of the episode was Misaki’s brief Driving Lessons/Test Scenes. When I think about it, I believe this is a first, or it has been far too long ago since I have last seen a character in an anime having a Driver Lesson/Test. Seeing how insane Misaki was on the road, you wonder how she managed to get her license in the first place (unless her driver just had enough and made her pass so that they would never have to deal with her again- which is highly possible considering the circumstances). Now that she has her license, I do hope that in the future that the fact she is able to drive, and is an insane driver at that, will become a useful tool in the future.

Besides the boring jealousy-gag fest, there has definitely been some development in both Nanami’s and Mashiro’s feelings towards Sorata. Mashiro’s feelings seems to be subconsciously developing and I think there is going to be a higher chance of her basically falling in love with him without realizing it. She might think it’s because he takes care of her and misinterpret her own feelings since (I am assuming) she hasn’t fell in love with anyone before. Nanami on the other hand is definitely stepping up her game and is definitely on her toes. She is being a bit more forward than before (might just be me though). I haven’t decided which girl I am rooting for (I think I am leaning towards Nanami though), so for the time being my OTP for this show continues to be only Misaki x Jin.

Last but not least: Honestly speaking, while I do enjoy Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, I am starting to wonder whether I actually enjoy it enough when it comes down to blogging about it. As soon as shows like this one starts to wander off into a fanservice streak or a repetitive gag fest, I start losing my interest and motivation to continue writing about it because lets face it: Unless I am going to be swooning over boobs or something (which will NEVER happen), there won’t be anything for me to talk about. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo has a plot, and an interesting one at that, but if J.C. Staff decides to drag things on because it’s a 25 episode series and take advantage of devoting a few episodes for fanservice, I hardly expect myself to finish covering this.



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  1. Magicflier says:

    Actually the fan-service was also written down in the light novel too, Sakurasou contains very nice character developments as well so I’m really excited to continue watching till the end. XD I honestly don’t mind the ecchi at all though since what comes from it is mostly comedy, I died laughing every moment of each episode. I’m really enjoying this roller-coaster ride of mixed emotions, reason why this anime is in my top three for this season and will probably become one of my all-time favorites if this continues (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

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