Yu Gi Oh Zexal Ep 13: The Creepy Whistling Rival, no srsly. It’s creepy.

Another person named Kaito who is hunting Numbers appears, where as he is extremely powerful not to mention has mysterious powers where he can retrieve the NUMBER cards however with the cost of taking the person’s soul along with it. Astral warns Yuuma to remain extremely cautious where as they soon find themselves trapped and forced into a duel.


Okay… Where to start?

Oh that’s right.
YUUMA IS TOTALLY FUCKED. The only way he’s going to get out ALIVE is by somehow escaping the duel, defeating him – oh god no, that’s not possible. I can’t see that being possible – if it’s going to be possible, it better be Astral instructing him EXACTLY what to do and Yuuma LISTENING TO HIM. Astral knew right away this guy was a big enough threat to actually tell Yuuma to run for it. Of course neither of them realized this guy has crazy powers, like take away people’s souls along with the NUMBER cards, but also to have this awesome invisible rope that is impossible to cut (for the time being LOL) where as you can’t escape it until you have a duel. On top of that he got this crazy robot that can stop time. O_o; I don’t think I will ever come to understand how fictional robots can do that – humans/mystical beings and all that stuff I get, but robots, it’s hard to picture even when it’s being done.

あっ、ライバルだ! - クシャビリア@凌牙俺の嫁


And Kaito, his character design is like… no scratch that, has anyone seen this PIXIV art? Because it’s exactly what his character looks like. Yes, that’s right, from Kaiba (YGO DM), Jun (YGO GX), Jack (YGO 5Ds), Shark (YGO Zexal) and of course when he transoforms: Paradox (YGO 5Ds) (someone who you would be familar with if you have not only completed YGO 5Ds but also seen Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time.) he not only has a different kind of D-Gazer (which I only noticed the second time I watched this for subs). I also must say BESIDES the character design he had also picked up Kiryu’s trait (YGO 5Ds) with the whistling habit instead of playing the harmonica. It was also kind of well, lame that Galaxy Photon Dragon was slightly hidden so that we wouldn’t know what it looks like yet. Of course pffth, the next thing you know it’s in the preview!

Now for the interesting part. We finally got to see the villain from the (OP & ED) who looks really weird and ugly not to mention has the WORSE NAME EVER. (I mean come on, Dr. Faker? Are they for real? They must be running out of names then…) claims that he’s trying to protect the city/world from Astral’s beings. Really, it sounds more like an excuse to kill them off and have his minions work for him. He’s batshit insane. End of story.

Then you got this creepy kid who is Kaito’s little brother, Haruto… he’s also insane. He hates people laughing but he loves people screaming in pain. I think that tells you something, he’s fucking dangerous.
Because of this, I feel so bad for Kaito because he is trying to get his brother some treatment and it looks like he and his brother are simply being used by Dr. Faker to attack both Astral and Astral’s world since they both have mysterious powers.

Overall, this episode was great to watch specifically because we’re getting actual plot development. By all means Yuuma MUST listen to Astral in order to defeat Kaito, because this guy, exceed summoned two NUMBER monsters only on his FIRST TURN, and Yuuma hasn’t even gone yet.



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