Sacred Seven Episode 3: Questioning the Knight

Ruri, Makoto and Alma take part in trying to capture and find two escapees from the organization’s facility. The Knight, Kijima targets the doctor, Keima in hope to kill him while attempting to obtain more medication to keep himself going berserk from the Darkstone’s effect.


Okay I’ll be honest. It was a pretty damn boring episode, but there’s one thing that definitely caught my interest to stop myself from closing it altogether.

Kijima, known as the Knight does not give me the impression that he’s the villain. Right now, the one who is on my ‘suspicious’ radar is Keima, a doctor who is part of the organization that is supposed to protect and supervise those who have the Darkstones powers. One of the precise reasons why I think Kijima is not the main villain is from the minor details of how he had escaped the organization to seek freedom and had taken Lau along with him who he doesn’t want involved in the fighting, in other words; fighting to protect themselves.

Now that he knows Ruri is a Lightstone user, without a doubt she is his ‘said’ next target unless there’s twist and it’s actually Arma. Anyhow, I think as soon as Ruri meets them and gain more information about Kijima and his companion, I think we will see a whole new side of the story behind the organization.

And like I said, it’s solely that specific reason that kept me watching, questioning his behavior and so on. Perhaps this will turn out to be one of Sunrise’s slow paced productions, and if that’s the case then soon enough we’ll get some plot development.

I have to confess that I’m disappointed to see Alma not get his ass kicked. I think that would’ve been entertaining, but I did enjoy seeing Alma use poor tactics and not hold up the fight very well and struggle holding Kijima back. It was also fairly interesting to see his powers going slightly berserk again.

And finally to wrap things up, I think it’s official that the Knightmare or whatever that Makoto uses is completely USELESS against Darkstones. I think it’s time for an upgrade in its technology – oh wait, maybe they should get themselves a Gundam, maybe that’ll do the trick. :P


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  1. sam1456 says:

    i think alma looks cool in his dark form but that whole connecting to crystal thing is lame

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