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Yuma encounters Shark on his way to school, only to learn from his friends that he hasn’t been showing up lately and has been seen hanging out with some delinquents. At the same time, the Committee Chairman confronts Yuma and asks what happened to his number cards where as Yuma explains they only show up when Astral shows up. The committee Chairman then claims that in other words to summarize Yuma can’t win without the number cards. With that said, Yuma decides to challenge Shark who tells him he had given up dueling and stalks him chases him around town and finally manages to get him to duel claiming he will do it without Astral’s help nor the Number cards. However in the end, Shark encourages him to summon Aspiring King Hope and defeat his number with his non-numbered Black Ray Lancer.


If the Shark x Yuma pairing hasn’t gotten hot already, this episode really fired it up.

I have to say, Shark was the one character that is keeping me interested in this show because he’s the real badass one here – NOT YUMA, PLUS HE RIDES A D-WHEEL LOL *SHOT*. Not only that I’m VERY HAPPY HE KICKED YUMA’S ASS. This shows how much Yuma still needs to learn, but also how much he actually relies on Astral (heck Astral was STILL giving him indirect advices and explaining what he did wrong and such). Not to mention Yuma was pretty naive. I think strategically he should have dueled one of his friends- for example, Committee Chairman because he lost against him because while dueling without number cards. But man, SHARK! YOU RULE MAN. YOU FOUND THE NUMBER’S WEAK POINT!!! SOMEONE GIVE HIM A COOKIE! 8D This shows he has the brainz of a duelist!!! Seriously why didn’t they make him the main character? He would’ve made this show wicked right from the start – but I wouldn’t know how he’d handle Astral following him around.

So Black Ray Lancer is not a number card despite how similar it looks to Aspiring King Hope (what don’t look at me like that, it really does! … Well it’s wings at least…) and it managed to PWND Aspiring King Hope by using its effect to negate a monster’s effect for one turn. >:D

Although I have to say I wasn’t expecting Shark to actually have a soft side after recalling how Yuma called him his comrade and not keep Yuma’s key and destroyed it, but instead returned it. Shark, by the look of it has a complicated past. It was hinted that something happened during the Championship duel thanks to Tetsuo who has shown in the past episodes to have quite a bit of knowledge.

Finally, overall this was a fun episode because we got to see Yuma get pwnd, freak out over his lost, and Shark got to be badassssss!!!!!!! I was pretty amused how Yuma was chasing him all day and Shark was like, “STOP STALKING ME!” (btw he’s like a ninja, ya see the way he jumped around?! >BD) and like, hahaha, Yuma was a cluz and failed so much. And lastly, can I say that I’m VERRRYY HAPPY THAT THE ANIMATION WAS TOP NOTCH THIS EPISODE? THANK GOD, IT MADE THIS SO AWESOME. I’m glad I held through till episode 10!!! 8D

Preview: Oh this looks interesting, it looks like Shark will be teaming up with Yuma in a duel next week! OwO/ But he’s too cool to duel with Yuma *SHOT* Oh that’s right, I’m going to continue bloggint his folks, as long as Shark gets more screentime, I can do this!!!



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4 Responses

  1. sam1456 says:

    i just dont get this anime pop fly haha i cant believe thats the newest catch now

    • Eva says:

      pop fly = Kattobingu you mean? LOL. It’s an annoying catchline, I try to block it out whenever I hear it – but I’m not doing a good job right now. The show it not the ‘best’, I mean I was at the verge of dropping it until Shark made everything sooooooo much better (I guess I love seeing Yuma getting his ass kicked).

  2. sam1456 says:

    they need to go back to gx it had so much potential i mean plus it was getting good in the end:( i bet 4kids must have something with this

    • Eva says:

      Hahahaha. I doubt 4Kids had anything to with this after all the shit they got themselves into. GX is in the past, I highly doubt they’d ever go back to that. There’s quite a few people muttering about how they should do YGO R – but *shrugs*, who knows. Maybe that’ll happen after this.

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