Hidan no Aria Ep 10: Calling all Reki Fans

Riko explains the plan of how they will infiltrate the mansion and claims that they will go in undercover as a butler and maid. With the agreement done, they undergo one more ‘training session’ where as Riko helps train Aria to say some lines and get time stuck in her head, and aims to practice triggering Kinji’s Hysteria Mode. At the same time, Kinji learns a bit about Riko’s past thanks to Jeanne who is now a student at the school.

Sorry bad summary =3=


Despite this not being an action pack episode where it involves Riko, Kinji and Aria infiltrating the target’s mansion, we still got some plot development where as we learned not only about Riko’s past (although this is yet to be confirmed to be true or not – it could end up as a trap, but I got a feeling that it isn’t), but also we got a significant amount of Reki screentime. So Reki fans you’re in for a treat and eyecandy at the same time. It was no surprise that Reki really could care less about being seen in her undergarments and more focused the mission, and it was great (and not to mention amusing) to see that Reki now has a pet wolf who she had tamed in a matter of seconds.
Speaking of the wolf, I was actually genuinely concerned that they were going to kill it, I was like, “;A; Noooo i don’t wanna see a wolf get killed!!!” So I’m happy that it’s safe, but that doesn’t distract me enough to forget that its eyes were glowing where as I actually considered that maybe it was the demon, but I have casted that theory aside.

Now remember last week about Hotogi’s warning? Lets go through the list:

Wolf  ✔
Demon ➾ Might be referring to Vlad, whom Jeanne had warned Kinji about this episode.
Ghost ➾ Might be someone some the past. (Maybe Kinji’s brother???)

One of the most important things we learned from Jeanne this episode is that Vlad is a demon. He’s ‘EU #2’ aka part of the EU organization, considered a greater threat than the Butei students and Kinji to Jeanne’s clan and in short, he’s a monster. Someone who you don’t want to mess with. However, thanks to her, Kinji was able to receive three of his four weakpoints – but hopefully he’ll be able to figure it out despite Jeanne’s fail artistic description. I knew she was going to fail drawing, I really did – oh and random thought: She looks cute with her glasses on! X3

Last thing I’m going to talk about is Riko’s past. So apparently after her had lost her parents, Vlad claimed to be one of her relatives took her in only to have her raised in captivity where she wasn’t treated properly. And now we’re hearing that the reason why Riko is doing this in the first place is because she wants to obtain freedom. As for Vlad, what we learned so far is that he’s ‘EU #2’ aka part of the EU organization, considered a greater threat than the Butei students and Kinji to Jeanne’s clan and like I said already he’s a demon.

PS: Am I the only one who finds the teacher somewhat suspicious?


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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    This episode was just awesome! and that is because Reki had more screen time. Now she has a badass wolf with her XD Yeah I also find the teacher suspicious, my guess that he is Vlad himself.

    • Eva says:

      Same here, he was totally aware that the wolf was going make that break in entry. That’s why I made sure to get this screenshot:


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