Hanasaku Iroha Ep 11: Breaking Point

Ohana and the others eagerly go out to check the review they received from the secret guest, however a wave of disappoint wash over them as they learn they have been rated 5/10 stars. Absolutely enraged by this, Ohana decides to take action and head into the city to confront the one who was responsible for this, which turns out to be her mother – the editor. In response she decides to try and persuade her mother to either fix the article or go to Kissuiso with her to see for herself. In the middle of protesting Ohana decides to text Ko and learns that he works in a bookstore. She goes out to the store telling herself that its to look for stronger vocabulary that would make a bigger impression, but ends up seeing Ko with another girl.


Sorry for the hold up guys, I kinda pulled an alnighter and slept all the way into the afternoon and been busy trying to fix the font size, which has been my priority for the last few days (I FINALLY SUCCEEDED! *PROUD STANCE*)

Oh my god. Oh my freaking god. The emotions that built up this entire episode, the tensions growing, – holy crap, by the end of it all when Ohana was breaking down, I started to cry really hard. Ohana been bottling up her feelings and this is her first time confronting her mother about it because she was upset to hear that she’s been sucking it up for her mother’s job. Moreover I find it sad that her mother, while there are some points that shows she does care about her in some sense, her ‘parenting’ still disappoints me and I find it depressing that she wasn’t the one who went out to search for her. At first it was Ko, but then she runs away because she realizes that she was the one who left him hanging when now she is very conscious about her feelings despite not being able to put her finger on it and realize that in fact she really likes him, probably more than a friend. And then when she was at her breaking point, it was Minko and Tohru who were the ones who found her, the ones who traveled the farthest, the ones who were actually searching for her – it probably couldn’t have been better of that way since Minko not only sees her extreme vulnerable and her emotional breakdown, but at least Ohana can have a sense of relief and security that she has been found by what she could easily define if she wanted to as her ‘true family’.

Aside from the emotional stand point, Ohana character continues to not only inspire me, but amaze me. Her passion for Kissuiso is so strong, that she would not put up with the false review that turned out to be done by an editor (aka her mother). Her determination to have it corrected or at least get the truth out is amazing, even if it meant to show her vulnerable side to her mother and spit out all the burden and emotions she has been putting up with who whole life.

This episode definitely set the plot into motion to start climbing that steep hill to the climax point. So we learned today that Ohana’s mother was ordered from someone who has alot of wealth and power to write a bad review on Kissuiso and several other inns in the area. I think it’s clear, the one who is responsible for this is the organization who wants to build a large hotel in their area that both Sui and Shigeko strongly oppose. How they are going to stop it, well Ohana ought to come up with a creative plan – either way any plans of hers would top that stupid woman who ‘claims’ she knows what is for the best.



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10 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    I actually thought she was gonna slip when Ohana was running in the rain at the end, and I remember thinking: noo, don’t let it get any worse than it already is!

    Definitely one of the best anime this season, every episode just reinforces that ^^

    • Eva says:

      Yeah I thought so too, but man running into a post. DX Either way it both hurts.

      • Vantage says:

        Haha, yup xD The heron also made a random cameo ^^ Argh, you can never predict what the next ep is about from the preview…so misleading =/

        • Eva says:

          IKR?! I wasn’t even close!!!!! XD The only thing I got right was she did meet up with her mom. XD *SHOT*

  2. TimesTicking says:

    This episode was just awesome! I was wondering how they were going to finish on the 12th episode but I found out that there was going to be 26 episodes total (Freaking Awesome!) XD
    This anime is definitely one of the best animes of the season.
    I have two questions that I’m wondering, how come the font is so small? I don’t even know what I’m typing >.<
    The other question is, did a lot of people apply to be a writer? If not then I guess I’ll apply.

    • Eva says:

      That’s why I’m so happy there’s that many episodes!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 The awesomeness will continue into the summmerrr~

      @_@; Sorry about the font size issue, can you specify whether it's the comment box (writing your message - because I too find it very small and I'm trying to fix that problem) or the actual post?

      • TimesTicking says:

        it was when i was typing on the comment box but now its fixed.

  3. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    This show is turning out great so far and it’s really, really refreshing from the tons of harem + generic plot shows we’ve been getting lately.

    I’m a bit behind on watching it but I’ll probably try to catch up on it this weekend or the next. Until then I’ll just keep following the reviews here. ^_^

    • Eva says:

      It’s definitely one of the best shows of the season because it’s refreshing. XD You should catch up, unless you can’t stand cliffys and would rather wait for the while show to be finished. LOL.

      • ryvrdrgn14 says:

        I am like that sometimes. You could say I am of those people who do not mind being spoiled or told the ending before watching something because I feel much more disappointed with a bad ending than most… it kinda cheapens all the time I spent watching good episodes if the ending just turns out to be horrible, makes no sense or just a waste of time. >_>;

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