AnoHana Ep 9: True Feelings Exposed

With the group now aware that Menma is indeed with them, she decides to make them some steamed buns. Jintan helps her out by being the communicator, and after the group heads out, Yukiatsu announces that he will definitely get them permission to make learn how to make fireworks. After Yukiatsu had successfully persuade Menma’s father, to allow them to learn how to make fireworks, they get straight to work but slowly they find their inner feelings creeping to the surface.


Wow, despite the episode didn’t have me crying or teary for once, it certain had me holding my breath. I’m so, so~ happy that Menma finally being able to share her goodies, communicate with them and indirectly have them reveal their true feelings. It’s all about being exposed (in a way) this episode. Jintan has finally come to realize he doesn’t want to see Menma go and have her stay there with him forever, Anaru realizing that nothing has changed from the past and can’t help but cry about it, Yukiatsu caught in the past and still hopelessly in love with Menma and is trying to move on by dating Anaru – while at the same time Tsuruko overheard him and actually feel what looks to be jealous. It’s funny because, it’s like she’s facing denial that she may indeed like Yukiatsu, and she knows he is dawdling on the past only now to hear him asking Anaru to go out with him.

In the end, I didn’t get what I hoped for from the preview last week, a bit more background behind Tsuruko’s character. But despite that, the episode just blew me away once again.

As for Jintan, he has pointed out just how much time has flew by since her appearance, and he knows that each day he spends with her only will make it harder for him to say goodbye to her for the second time. Because of that  There’s one important thing that he still needs to do and he has been kicking himself to do, that is apologize for what he had said in the past and tell the truth. He was afraid and caught himself from almost repeating what he said in the past, when Yukiatsu asked him if Menma was beautiful.

Finally, it seems that Poppo- while he may not be considered as someone who would take notice of a few things, it seems that he may be aware of something in the past, and he was about to ask Menma only to change the question. Actually it would be really, and I mean seriously – interesting to see if he had feelings for her as well – but to be honest, I find that rather unlikely.

Oh and speaking of the past, we must not forget about the important information that both Tsuruko and Yukiatsu remembered on the train. That is Menma calling the group down (excluding Jintan), for a meeting of some sort. With only three episodes remaining, it’s only a matter of time before that plot device is used completely.



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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    I think I heard somewhere that there was going to be 11 episodes in total. I think the last episode is gonna be a tear jerking episode TT^TT
    Nothing much to say since everything you said was what I was gonna say lol.

    • Eva says:

      I read on MAL that there’s supposed to be twelve. But yeah, stock up on your tissue boxes, you’re going to need it.

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