Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 64: Entrusting Hope and Believing in Bonds

Godwin decides to get Jack out of the game by not only reducing his life points to 1, but also making him incapable to continue riding. Their hope has been entrusted to Yusei as Jack and Crow rely on their bonds and leave two trump cards that helps Yusei stay in the game and obtain victory with the help of Savior Dragon.


Sorry for short summary guys ><;; I have a wicked headache that refuses to go away ¬_____¬
The battle was wrapped up very well, but I was confused at some point with Yusei’s actions since it looked as if he was about to accept the final blow until Jack told him to use that Trap card. Unfortunately this battle didn’t touch me as much as the other duels had and I found it rather dull in a way (NOT ENTIRELY, only a little bit). Anyways by making sure that Jack was unable to battle within the first five minutes of the episode allowed Yusei to take over and finally succeed in attacking Godwin with the help of both Jack’s and Crow’s trap card they have left on their field. AlthoughI have to say, I’d be lying if it was getting really annoyed with the ‘Bonds’ speech, the ‘OH FALL INTO DESPAIR‘ VS ‘BONDS KEEP US STRONG FTW‘!!!!

I’m happy to see that the Daedalus Bridge’s dreams came true where Satellite and Neo Domino has finally been connected once again. I can assume there was quite a time jump for them to have completed building the bridge. I really loved the last scene where Yusei, Jack and Crow were looking at the Daedalus Bridge, and I’m thrilled that the originally one is still in place.

I was disappointed to see that Rua did not get the Signer’s Mark which is a real bummer… but then again, he hasn’t been able to gain victory on his own while Crow has. It’s no surprise to see Yusei gain the head of the Dragon and I have to say that I honestly liked the tail mark more than the head. : Yeah I have weird tastes don’t look at me like that I could go on and on about why I think so, but I’m not.

One thing I have almost forgot to mention: Carly isn’t in the picture here! They forgot about her!!! XDAnd speaking of ‘forgetting’, unfortunately she has no memory whatsoever when she was a Dark Signer and that now both of their confession has been forgotten! ;A; *SOBS* What a bummer… *SULKS IN A DARK CORNER*

And seriously, why is Demak remembered but Carly isn’t? He’s a nobody! Nobody knows who he is, where he’s from, how he ended up as a Dark Signer – he was just a useless character used to be holding Ancient Fairy Dragon in possession and battle against Rua and Ruka. Actually now that I think about it, that’s just sad. *NODS* Okay then, RIP Demak.

Overall, this season: Dark Signers Arc, was amazing. I loved how there was alot of emotions flying! We learned alot about the characters’ past, they managed to fill in details about why and how Satellite was separated and who was connected with the Zero Reverse, I’m thrilled that they given Aki the chance to officially overcome her past as the Black Rose Witch and a good character development, showing off Rua’s awesomeness as a brother, and of course to top things off – Jack falling in love… holy crap there’s so many good things that happened within this arc that it made it so satisfying to watch which I will elaborate on my Final Review for Yu Gi Oh 5Ds which won’t be any time soon! That’s a good thing since it’ll allow me to have lots of time to work on it!!!

Ugh, I’m sorry guys. This isn’t one of my writing days and my headache is still out of hand. T^T

Preview: A New Threat Appears!!!!!! Bring on the next arc, SEASON 3!


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