Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 62: The Ultimate God… or at least trying to be

Yusei and his friends witnesses the King of the Underworld make its debut of the Old Momentum and makes its way to Neo Domino. The Crimsom Dragon decides to give the folks a lift to Godwin’s place where they learn Godwin decided to make himself a god by not only becoming a Dark Signer, but possessing his brother’s arm mark as a Crimsom Signer. Yusei, Jack and Crow team up to duel against Godwin in order to defeat him.


Well we learn that Crow went out to fetch Jack during the last two episode, the team failed to close the gates and the King of the Underworld has made its debut and on top of that, Godwin decides to take on the role of ‘God’ so that he could end the cycle of battles between the Crimson Signers and the Dark SIgners. It also turns out that he is also the legendary man who ‘flew’ off Daedalus’s bridge and during that accident he had lost his arm.

One of the interesting things is that while Godwin went on and on during Fortune Cup Arc and this arc was that they had to do what was in stored for their fate. They could not defy it, they could not change it, they cannot fight against it but here we are now, hearing that all long, Godwin was trying to find a way to change that. He had come up with a conclusion that unlike his brother, that yes he can defy fate by taking control of two godly figures (King of the Underworld and the Crimson Dragon) and make himself a god.

If anything that had disappointed me it is this one thing: While we know Crow is strong enough to take part in Signer’s duels, I find it’s a real shame that Aki doesn’t have another chance to fight with them. That’s one of the major things I would have liked to see Aki be able to do, however since this is Yu Gi Oh, unfortunately female characters really don’t get their chances to shine as much as the guys.

Overall there was no significant process for the duel. Most of the time was getting Godwin’s backstory, filling in the plot holes that we were waiting to get answers for.

One final note I must make: Godwin’s muscle growing bigger and all that shit was just – I don’t even – was totally fucked up.


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