Level E, Episode 9: Switching Roles

Princess Saki is stunned learning that Mikihisa is actually a girl. Upset, she leaves planet Earth where as Captain Kraft confidently believes she won’t be back, only to be proven wrong with Prince Baka’s reappearance not only revealing that the men had underestimated Princess Saki but also that she hasn’t given up on Mikihisa either, in the mean time Princess Saki has lured Mikihisa out and abducted her to mother ship where as she messed around with her gender genes and make her become a male so that she will be able to remain as her ‘fated mate’. Now Captain Kraft and the others, due to failing to prevent Mikihisa from getting into Princess Saki’s hands the first time now are forced to keep an eye on her while in the mean time trying to figure out how they can still save the girl and Earth. In the end, thanks to Prince Baka’s suggestion and intelligence, they managed to make a clone of Mikihisa while wiping out her memories and moving her elsewhere to prevent her from being found.


Much to my surprise, this episode managed to make the mood quite serious. I wasn’t entertained by the humor, but in fact impressed with seeing a new and more considerate side of Baka. Although ‘considerate’ might not be the right word for the prankster prince, but in the end he was able to spare planet earth by protecting Mikihisa and preventing her (who is now a male) from run into the ‘fated encounter‘ step up by Princess Saki by making a clone.

So for this story, the role of the villains were switched around. Rather than it being Baka who is usually the reason why things are being screwed up or creating unnecessary troubles, this time the role was given to Princess Saki, who has a very twisted personality when she’s not in front of the man she’s charming and has proven to be very intellectual as in having Captain Kraft and the others under estimate their capabilities. This would also explain how she was able to understand and adapt to the Japanese language during the last episode which had left me confused.

Overall, the episode like I said didn’t have much humor and was fairly interesting – but in the end I think I had too much expectations for the gags. Now with the Color Rangers making their comeback in next week’s episode, I’m not sure what to expect. Their story wasn’t the worst and I was able to somehow enjoy myself, but like I have said it wasn’t my favorite. Honestly I think I would like to see Yukitaka in the spotlight again. I find his character would help maintain the humor a little bit. The only thing I’m concerned about is that if the jokes remain too alike and constantly used over and over again, I’m going to lose interest.

Preview: Oh god, this can’t be good. The Color Rangers are back!


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