Hourou Musuko Episode 8

Time has passed again and a new term has started. Nitori and everyone are divided into three different classes except for Kanako. Unfortunately for him, Doi – a bully from his childhood is in his class causing him to grow concerned about the possible outcome. One day during a date with Anna who took him along shopping for some clothes, Anna making a observation and makes a small comment about it to Maho. As result Nitori’s sister told him straight out that he is to either break up with Anna or never ever cross dress again. He seeks Yuki for some advice and decides to tell Anna, who accepts him as who he is and dresses him up for their next date out where as they run into Chiba and Takatsuki who were stopping by for lunch, as result they all go to the Karaoke place. As result tensions grow, but at the same time Nitori grows to wonder whether they can go back to the days when they had fun altogether.


*FACEPALM* That was a terrible summary.

This was a very cute episode in so many ways! Takatsuki looks so cool with her hair longer, Chiba looked absolutely gorgeous and to top things off, apparently she can also sing very well! Nitori looked adorable, I wish he had his wish with him, it would have made it perfect! <3
I have a whole new level of respect towards Anna. The fact she accepts Nitori for who is he, encourages him to cross dress and doesn’t care that they go on a date looking like that. Hands down, she is much more supportive than Maho who told him to either stop cross dressing for good if he wants to date Anna, or break up with her. Clearly Maho is not only concerned for her friend’s well being but also probably her reputation as a model. Not that I think it’d create such a scandal.

Doi, (I didn’t mention is role in this episode in the summary) I don’t know what he’s trying to do, whether he’s setting up a humiliation process for Nitori or genuinely wants to be friends with him or even possibly use him as an advantage to get close to the girls. One of the things that caught my attention was that he held Nitori’s hand which as we know made Nitori feel very uncomfortable. There could be a twist that he likes Nitori (you know how some guys tend to be asses towards the girls they like – or something along the line), but I’m not going to jump to that assumption just yet.

Preview: *After this episode may not bother uploading preview images.


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