Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 27: *GASPS* Start of the Shadow Games?!

Dark Synchro - believe it.

With Yusei as the new King, not everyone in the audience is too pleased about the news. Himuro and the others come running after him declaring that they needed to run since the reporters were going to break through the barricade so that they can get an interview with him. They take an underground entrance that used to be used in the past in which Saiga had told them about and successfully dodge the reporters. Much to the reporter’s dismay of missing out on interviewing the King, they all go to ambush Godwin. Carly, a shy reporter manages to ask one question that other reporters didn’t seem to take in notice, and asked Godwin why Yusei’s arm was glowing, and was it related to the Crimsom Dragon. Godwin dodged the question, but Carly later reviews her footage of the battle and confirmed it herself that Yusei’s arm was glowing.

Elsewhere a group three are laughing to themselves somewhere in the depths of Satellite in the darkness, pleased to know that the Signers have been gathered. Apparently they have been waiting 5000 years to have this fated battle with the Signers.

Back in town hiding at Saiga’s place, old man Yanagi draws a brief sketch of what the Crimson Dragon symbol looks like. Yusei immediately takes notice of that mark of the tail, in which he possesses. Ruka got its hand. Yanagi explains that according the People of the Stars, the head, wings, hands, lefts and tail of the Crimson Dragon were all split up. and sealed into the chosen people called, “Signers” as birthmarks.

Later in the evening, while studying the image of the crimson dragon, Yusei’s birthmark suddenly begins to glow in which he senses another signer. He looks out the window where as he sees another person with a spider mark outside the building. He runs out having to chase them. Before he realizes it, he is forced into a ‘duel of darkness‘.

As the first strike hits, Yusei realizes that the battle is very much like the one he had with Izayoi Aki, the psychic duelist. However he quickly notices that it’s not just his opponent delivering real impact, but himself as well. If things couldn’t have been more unexpected, his mysterious opponent summons a Dark Tuner – something in which Yusei has never heard of before, and starts Dark Tuning. The opponent explains that a Dark Synchro summoning can summon Synchro monster with a level equal to itself, subtracted from the level of the non-tuner monster. Which that he summons a negative level five monster called, Freezing Fitzegerald.


O____O Oops, I made the summary a bit longer than I initially planned to…

Right off the bat the new arc begins, we are introduced a new set of villains. They don’t seem to be involved to Godwin’s plot since their goal seems a little different. It’s more like they want to kill the Signers and take over the world. MWHAHAHAHA!

Honestly this whole “dark game” reminds me of the Shadow Game all over again, just with a different name – and not going into another dimension and not consuming’ the loser’s soul (yet). Now these people the Dark Signers, they are using tactics that Yusei has never encountered before. Negative Tuning, which makes their pretty shiny stars go dark and pierce the monster they are tuning with. Also the impacts of the attacks are much like the results from Psychic Duelist. However, their duels are slightly different in that both parties can deal physical damage.

As for the introduction of new characters, we got a reporter named Carly who is a total klutz but has an extremely optimistic personality. She has a Fortune deck in which she finds out how her luck of the day would be. After watching the OP and ED, it looks like she will be taking on a role that will support Jack’s character. I’m looking forward to this! <3 <3 <3

*Images within ED that changes too quickly for us to study*

Then we got like a said some new villains who just love to laugh in the dark and go around as spreading the word about how the Crimson Dragon is going to bring doom. And if that isn’t enough, they are having spiders drop down on to the people which gives me the impression they are going to possess them.

There’s a new character in the OP, which we haven’t seen yet, however in the ED he is seen driving with Jack and Yusei. Therefore, he will most likely be their ally.

Speaking of the new Opening, it is absolutely fabulous! The lyrics couldn’t have been more spot on! We are also getting a lot of foreshadowing with the duel results with the Dark Signers. By the look of it we will be getting quite a bit of history regarding Satellite’s past and how it turned out the way it is now. The ED was also great with a few shots that are displaying what may come. *Points to the above grey images*


Yu Gi Oh 5Ds OP #2: “Last Train ~Atarashi Asa~” by knotlamp
Yu Gi Oh 5Ds ED #2: “CROSS GAME” by Alice Nine


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