Hourou Musuko Episode 6

The cultural festival has begun. Ariga is more nervous than ever as the pressure grows when he hears how some people are disappointed that Nitori was not playing the role as Juliet. He and Nitori decides to go to the haunted house to look for an excuse for yell out hoping to get rid of his building anxiety. Only much to their dismay the haunt house was not scary whatsoever, however after hearing their friend’s voices all in the same place at the same time, they decided to just scream their lungs out for the hell of it.
Finally the time for the play to begin, Ariga still feeling nervous. Startled by how many people were there staring at him he stutters, unable to deliver the first part of his lines. After glancing at Chiba, he apologizes to the audience and asks to start over. The others quickly join him on stage, and in the end made the most of the play, all enjoying themselves. When the play met its conclusion, the audience was pleased and all enjoyed the show. After retreating to the classroom in celebration with the class, Ariga still in daze that he was able to pull it off. Chiba approaches him and hands him flowers saying it was for Juliet and walks away.


Oh gosh it was so awesome! I had a good laugh out of it and enjoyed it so much! One of the best episodes…okay maybe not, but one of my favorites so far.

I’m so happy that Ariga managed to pull through despite being extremely nervous. I was even more pleased who Chiba’s attitude today. While she was frowning most of the time, we managed to not only get to see her smile, but showing respect and indirectly saying, ‘Good work’ to Ariga by giving him the flowers she received from Fumiya.

Another thing that was very entertaining was the haunted house part. I loved how because it wasn’t scary they decided to start screaming randomly for fun. It was even more hilarious when the students who were in charged of the haunt house were the ones getting scared! Last but not least, the unexpected twist where as it turns out Chi is a huge fan of one of the models who works/friends with Nitori’s sister.



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