Hourou Musuko Episode 3

Although it’s early, Shuichi’s homeroom teacher asks them what they would like to do for the upcoming cultural festival. Chiba suggests that they do a gender-bender play which ends up being the activity. Takatsuki encourages Shuichi to write the script. In the mean time, Takatsuki finds herself told and forced to wear a bra whether she likes it or not as Shuichi and Ariga find themselves indirectly reminded that their voices will change in the future.


Gosh this episode really struck my heart because it reminded me of a couple of issues I had myself back in the past.

I found it cute how Ariga was determined to record their voices before their puberty hits. However when Maho came into the room with the “Not this again” look on her face, it ruined the mood a bit and then ended up creating an awkward situation in front of her boyfriend who came to check up on her.

:\ It’s rough for Takatsuki. I mean I was once in that situation where honestly I despised bras and hated the feeling and was forced by my mother to wear one, but I think there’s alot of us girls out there who ran into similar problems when we came to that point. It was definitely even more uncomfortable for Takatsuki when Chii groped her by surprise only trying to be playful while she was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing one which may have influenced her decision to suck it up and wear one.

Shuichi and Chiba teamed up for writing up the script for Romeo and Juliet should be promising. I also find it funny (perhaps cute?) how Chiba really can’t help herself and wants to have Shuichi dress up so she can take pictures. But understandingly, he didn’t want to have to get dress as a girl while they were to write some ideas for the script.



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