Dragon Crisis Episode 1: Adorable Dragon, what is there not to love? [First Impression]

Ryuji was expecting a boring day in summer school, only to suddenly be dragged out by his cousin Eriko to go on a mission. Eriko tricks him into becoming a member of her society. They go out to a port in order to wait for a group called The Fangs to arrive for their “Lost Precious” that Eriko wanted to get her hands on. Much to Ryuji’s surprise they were successful, and in the middle of fleeing the pursuits the “Lost Precious” case was opened and out comes small blonde girl who calls Ryuji by his name despite being it their first encounter.

First Impression:

Dragon Crisis caught me off guard with the amount of action that happened before 15 minutes into the episode. The characters are unique, Ryuji on the other hand, might take a while for me to like – Rose is so cute, and I love how they are trying to teach her how to talk and how she behaves. She sounds so cute too, I just want to hug her she’d definitely nom on my hand like she did to Eriko earlier though D:. ¬†Eriko looks like she’s going to be a badass character, so yeah – I’ll definitely like her.
Overall not too much happened – at first in the beginning of the episode, how Ryuji started his day alone and then later kidnapped dragged out of school by his cousin Eriko was previously studying in United States. When Eriko mentioned about an incident involving Ryuji’s family, I originally thought that maybe his parents were dead – therefore explained why he was alone. However, that idea was completely pushed aside near the end of today’s episode where its revealed his parents too, are hunting or whatever for “Lost Precious”, so are working away from home.

I am curious to find out how Rose is considered “Lost Precious” despite being a legendary dragon. Moreover I wonder how she managed to fit in that case! Anyhow I will definitely be looking forward to covering this, and seeing the future action – which will resume in the next episode! :D

One thing that really bugged me was Ryuji’s face this episode. It drove me nuts, I mean look at it – that right corner of his jawline – it’s OMFG, SO DISTRACTING. Drove me nuts!



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