Otome Yokai Zakuro Ep 10: Truths Revealed

Opening their Hearts

During the festival after being walking away from Agemaki in the maze, Zakuro finds herself kidnapped and taken to the Oracle Village where she discovers Hanadate’s true identity as Omodaka, hints about why he wants her powers and finally discovering the disturbing truth the unfortunate half spirits.


Holy shit…that was unbelievably overwhelming and dark!!! This episode progressed so slowly that it felt like it was an hour, which wasn’t a bad thing at all since there was a ton of information be revealed and did not feel rushed. Zakuro possesses some sort of gift in which she can restore other spirit’s powers. She helped Byakuroku and wanted to help all those half spirits only to be overwhelmed by the truth, shock and despair. Thanks to the Black Widow she has been accidentally set free which was the fault to the encounter of the half-spirits slaves. Agemaki was very brave today when he boldly stated that he has feelings for Zakuro. It made me so happy how he’s stepping up on that. Zakuro is having an even harder time hiding her own feeling even though she denies it.  Speaking of her, my gosh the poor girl is getting way too overwhelmed.
I sincerely hopes that Byakuroku betrays Omodaka and somehow encourages Daidai to do the same in order to protect and help save Zakuro. Now with the development progressing dramatically and positively, everything should be wrapped up very nicely when it comes to the conclusion of this wonderful show.

Because there was alot of information been told, these are the three important points to remember:

– Male half spirits are not fortunate to have human like bodies and powers like the Females turn out to be.
– Hanadate’s true name is Omodaka. His goal is to have Zakuro bare his child so that it can absorb her powers or whatever.
– Zakuro posseses the power to restore and give power to spirits, which would explain how Susukihotaru and the twins got theirs.

Considering there are only three episodes left, the pace is going to increase and more information will be revealed.  Next week we are mainly going to get a flashback episode of someone’s past that involved or rather share the history behind Zakuro’s mother, and find out what truly happened to her. I am starting to wonder whether Omodaka happens to be immortal or has some sort of relationship one way or another with Zakuro’s mother. Not to mention the fact that he wants to force Zakuro to have his child disgusts and horrifies me so much. Agemaki please hurry!!! \;^;/

Preview: Alot of repetitive clips, certainly left us on a cliffhanger! :D I’m so looking forward to it!


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2 Responses

  1. anon says:

    Excellent review. I thought Zakuro’s reaction to Agemaki’s confession was really cute.

    Btw, who do you think has the best subs for Otome?

    • Eva says:

      Thanks! Zakuro is always cute when she gets all flustered! <3
      I follow HorribleSubs, but honestly I don't know which ones are better. XD;

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