Chihayafuru Ep 20: My Heart Skipped a Beat~

Chihaya is told that she cannot compete in the weekend’s tournament as her exams are the day after. Tsutomu tutors her and Nishida while Taichi competes in the tournament in hopes to get into the Class A. However Chihaya ends up sneaking out to go and support Taichi who ends up meeting Arata at the tournament and feels down after Arata remarked that he thought Taichi would be competing in the Class A competition.


Oh my gosh my heart  my heart  my heart! My heart skipped a beat! <3 Oh my gosh! My emotions, this episode was just… how do I word it?! Breathtaking, exciting – YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH I SQUEALED? The noise that came out of my mouth was not human!

Arata was smoking hot and adorable this episode, his blush and asjdlakjdasd my shipper heart is going out of control, even more so when Chihaya studies the poem which reminds her of her relationship with Arata.

It was super cute how he was being so careful and the reason why he was always asking Taichi to pass on his notes and numbers to Chihaya is because he thought maybe the two were already dating. Awww~
It’s clear that he does feel troubled that he is so far away from them and harbours feelings towards Chihaya, and hearing that the two aren’t a couple was relieving for him to hear. I’m sure he worries about being selfish.

Chihaya has finally started to expand her strategy and work on strengthening her timing to make her dives more accurate. I wasn’t surprised to see her sneak out of study session by claiming she had to go to the washroom, it was pretty funny.

It was really beautiful and emotional to see both Chihaya and Taichi have tears in their eyes and so happy that Arata is back. With only four episodes to go, while it feels unlikely, but I’d love to see the trio form a team once more and dominate the competition. I would really love to see Chihaya compete against Arata, but I’d also be thrilled to see a rematch against Shinobu.

It was generous of Harada to offer Taichi a promotion so that he could get into the A Class, but I’m pretty sure that Taichi had declined the offer. It wouldn’t be as rewarding and worth a while if he received a free pass while everyone else in the Shiranami Society had to work their ass off and sometimes compete for years before succeeding, that would be just plain unfair.

Overall this was a beautiful episode, however I’m growing even more anxious about how much time is remaining to compete in a competition. There’s only four episodes left and there’s still no word about whether there’s a possibility of a second season. ;A; Oh man, I don’t want this to end!!!





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9 Responses

  1. Myst says:

    ARATAAAAAAAA OMG OMG OMG I’VE NEVER FANGIRLED SO MUCH WATCHING ANIME, THIS WAS AMAZIIIIIIING!!!!!! Chihaya x Arata all day, every day :D WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH *chokes and dies* (it hasn’t happened yet, but it should soon enough)

    • Eva says:


  2. chelsie1294 says:

    Oh goodness…in all my years of being a fangirl I have never, ever fangirled so hard before!! ARATA WAS SMOKING HOT! and Eva just like you the sounds coming out of my mouth weren’t human either. My poor, poor heart…but it was worth it! This episode made me an even bigger ChiArata fan! I’ve never squealed so much before either! Arata…you’re such a sweetheart…and very sexy with a sexy accent to match…I LOVE YOU!!! <3

    I will be so sad when this anime is over…and i will be even more upset when there is no second season! There seriousy better be a second season, because if they do an anime ending…just GRRRRRRRRRRRR! I don't want this show to be ruined, it's so relaxing and cute!

    • Eva says:

      Chihaya x Arata ASDJAKSDJALSKD been a while since I’ve shipped a pairing so hard! <3
      Arata is such a sweetheart indeed! <3

      It's too good to not have a second season, it would be such a shame! We'll see how this ends and decide whether its something that can be continued from that point on. I do hope they leave room for it like Utapri had (which as recently been announced they will be a second season - so I'd give it a few months) and we'll hear about Chihayafuru's fate in the future.
      Otherwise, if no plans at all: I sincerely hope they can wrap this up the best they can, because this show deserves to have a brilliant ending.

  3. chelsie1294 says:

    indeed. I loved utapri, shou (I think I misspelled his name…) was my favorite with ichinose in 2nd and ittoki-kun in 3rd! i’m glad they get a second season. shou’s seiyuu is the same seiyuu for keima in world god only knows. i loved keima he was an awesome otaku….and was very sexy with and without his megane and he was also sexy (to me) when he was serious. anyways back to Arata and his glorious sexiness (heheh…) I love Arata even more after this episode <3 soooo sexy…(suprised I didn't faint from his sexiness but it might happen one of these days)

    also…um people have been saying that this episode showed that Arata has feelings for chihaya as well, same goes for chihaya…while i do see that chihaya has feelings for Arata (yay!!!), can you please explain to me how this episode showed that Arata likes chihaya? sorry with girls in anime it's eaiser to tell when they like someone then with guys…I'm a failure!

    • Eva says:

      Well it varies on how the fans see it:

      In my perspective, I think that Arata was being ‘honorable’ by confronting Taichi first as he assumed that Chihaya and Taichi were already a couple and wanted permission from Taichi to contact her. It was clear that it was a huge relief for him to hear that they are in fact not a couple- especially since he’s smiling and blushing about it.

      For a while now, we’ve seen that Arata has feelings for Chihaya, but I think he’s worried about being selfish, since he isn’t “here”. Being separated from Chihaya is his biggest conflict and probably the main obstacle that is preventing him from moving forward to continue developing their relationship.

      Then there’s Chihaya:
      Her feelings towards Arata are far more subtle and it feels like that she’s slowly starting to grasp it as like typical heroines, they are incredibly dense when it comes down to love. So I think that the fact she compared the poem’s story to her relationship with Arata and mention that it sounds like a Love poem. And then after saying that she has this expression on her face which gives me the impression that she’s thinking deeply about it.

      However there’s one thing that I cannot ignore: Arata was the one who introduced Chihaya to Karuta in the first place. So we can’t completely ignore the possibility of perhaps the feelings she harbours towards him is heavily influenced by ‘Inspiration’ or driven by a goal.

  4. Mihase says:

    So this is going the Arata x Chihaya route? I may pick it up again if that’s what they really intend to do. I can’t like Taichi and I have tried. All those symphatetic scenes and I felt nothing *shrugs*

    • Eva says:

      When did you stop? I’m curious because over time it becomes almost impossible NOT to like Taichi, LOLZ- well that’s just me, hahahahahaha!

      I’d like to believe they are going down the Arata x Chihaya route, but this show may even end up without a Canon pairing at all. ;A;

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