Sengoku Collection Episode 1 [Quick Look]

Oda Nobunaga, the Sweet Little Devil King suddenly finds herself in the human world. She then later learns that in order to return to her world, she must collection treasures from different warriors.

First Impression:

Well it turns out I was completely mistaken to what this show as going to be about, here I was thinking it was going to take place during the Sengoku era or whatever… but anyways- instead it’s about Oda Nobunaga- who is competing against other warriors whom had landed in this world to obtain and collect treasures until they have enough to have their wish granted. (In this case, Nobunaga wishes to return to her original world, but it takes a tremendous amount of power to do so).

Character wise, it’s pretty bland. Honestly speaking there’s absolutely nothing appealing about both characters we’ve seen today. Maybe the remaining will be a bit more interesting- but honestly speaking, I somehow doubt that. But hey, if you like boobies, this would be the show for you- there will be PLENTY.

There’s one thing I really dislike and that’s the FLAT backgrounds and rough texture. I find that just plain boring. There’s no ‘Wow Factor’ to it.

How this will turn out, I have no idea, but I’m willing to see where it goes… however not through blogging.  My, my, I am being quite picky this season.

Possibility of Watching: Probably
Possibility of Blogging: No


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