EUREKA SEVEN AO Episode 1 [First Impression]

Eva’s First Impression:


I’m pretty sure that Ao is Eureka’s and Renton’s kid. He looks definitely has their physical traits, hair, Eureka’s coralians eyes. Not to mention the brief flashback he had where as he said, ‘Mama’. In any case, I’m extremely confused and wonder (say if she is indeed his mother) what where she is now. The bracelet also appears to be this generation’s Compac Drives, pretty fashionable at that too. Unfortunately we really weren’t able to learn much about him this episode. All we know is that he is well known on the island, labeled as the mysterious foreigner, people want to stay away from him and he has been taken in by Toshio who is a doctor.

Naru is an interesting character. Apparently she has spiritual powers and has visions of what to come in the future, which is why she wanted to pick up Noah (the Sloth). Sure enough there was a fire- or more accurately, the entire island is blowing up. She is also a good friend of Ao and doesn’t care about how people label him.

Then we have Gazelle. Right now, I am under the impression he’s the one who’s going to be digging for answers of what’s really going on, and what both the military and Pied Piper team (unless he’s a member which I highly doubt considering his reaction to this).

So we’re introduced G-Monsters that come with the Scub Coral. Nototo mention these G-Monsters are quite different from the coralians we’ve seen in Eureka Seven. In fact, the scuba coral don’t just pop out from the ground anymore, they also appear out of thin air too- of course with the whole burst event and all that- which I must add, has evolved as well.

We don’t know what’s up with the island right now (except for the fact it’s claimed by both United Okinawan Archipelago and China-Japan), but obviously it’s playing a critical role in this as the Japanese Military is keeping watch and had Gazelle and his commerades to deliver a package which had contained the bracelet in which in now in Ao’s possession.

The Pied Piper party who have been keeping surveillance of the Scub Coral activities doesn’t look to be… well… absolutely trust worthy. There’s something off about them. They may be better than the military, but it makes me wonder how many different groups there will be this time. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were to be at least three as the groups as there were the Gekkostate, U.F. Force, Sage Council, and Dewey’s fucked up crew in Eureka Seven. What kind of role they will be playing- I’m looking forward to finding out.

…and looking at the preview, looks like Ao’s hair colour changes to turquoise. I’ve been wondering about that since the beginning of the episode since both the promo poster and the manga has him with turquoise hair. Speaking of the manga, it’s TOTALLY different in comparison to this. In fact, I found myself confused and actually regretted reading it since it’s mixing me up. What I do know is that the manga is not the original source, the anime is. Anyhow I haven’t read beyond two chapters of it, so it shouldn’t bother me next week.

Overall this was relatively a confusing start. There isn’t much of an explanation of why and what is happening, and who’s involved. We also really don’t know much about Ao. As far as I’m concerned, the island is blowing up because of the Scub Coral and the G-Monsters attack- and that’s all we know.

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