Smile Precure Ep 6: Legendary Warriors

Why yes, he is one of the Legendary Warriors, can’t you tell? Look at that charming smile of his!

Candy’s brother Pop shows up and fills in the details about the ‘Legendary Warriors’, what their duties are as Precures and how to revive the Queen.



This episode was pretty laid back, its was undeniably pretty funny as I had to suppress my giggles (I always watch shows that make me laugh at worst time possible). Miyuki being distracted by the Penguin book and ended up in the South Pole killed me. It was so simple but god, Miyuki’s reaction to things is one of the best highlights about her character.

The Joker is now my favourite villain of the show so far. His shrill of creepy laughter and personality completely wins me over. I’m sure he out of the group will be the most cunning one of all, and give the Precures quite a bit of problems. I was quite surprised that he didn’t go out to fight today, but it doesn’t matter as long as whenever he shows up, he creates chaos like no other. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I was also amused by how the villains were commenting about the number of Precures and how they’d take on 1000 if they wanted to. That very moment, the picture of all the Precures from the previous shows, including this one, pops up in my mind. It only makes me crack up even more because it actually DOES HAPPEN in the Movies!!!

The storybook was beautiful, and the idea that it will be fulfilled (as there’s blank pages at the moment) by the girls’ adventures and life, is pretty cool. I imagine that there will also be a downfall, for this case, this is where the BAD END can come into play. If they fail, their storybook will not have a happy ending. Of course our heroines will not let that happen, nobody wants a bad end!

Overall the episode wasn’t as appealing as I hoped it to be, but it was definitely still enjoyable. The humour of the Precures not giving a damn about the enemy and form a group huddle for the catchphrase, and practicing their poses were priceless.


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