Inu x Boku SS Ep 9: Whoops Roadblock!

Ririchiyo prepares in advance for her hang out with Soushi. While waiting to kill time, she studies with Karuta and Banri, and then take part (well… not really) of a partner event hosted by Zange. To make matters worse, when the group rounds up after to question who was responsible for the papers hanging about, Kagerou makes his epic entrance at the scene.


Well @#*$, I knew something or rather someone was going to get in the way.
Last week when I said I went off to read the manga, I wasn’t kidding. So it looks like next week they’ll drag themselves onto the actual manga route again (clearly they were going through a thick forest, and had strayed from the designated path). Yes I love metaphors, deal with it.
As long as they don’t drag things on, we’ll definitely get Soushi’s long awaited backstory. Of course that means no coffee time. With Kagerou at the scene, I highly doubt Ririchiyo and Soushi will be able to have their hang out. :\ In fact, we’ll either end up with a cliffhanger next week which would make episode 11 completely  devoted to Soushi’s backstory, and make the finale wrap up the case like it did in the manga. It’s entirely possible precisely because that would be the simple and most efficiant way to complete this adaption- and at the same time, even better; for the fans who love it (mind you, I am not one of them), prepare a debut of the next arc if there were to be a second season.

*Sighs* Well as you can see, I barely wrote anything about this episode; why? Simply because nothing productive happened. Certainly Ririchiyo has improved with her anxiety, though if there’s something that isn’t perfect, she’d freak out even more.

Overall this episode was, I suppose decent as I was able to somewhat enjoy it because of the humor. But honestly, I’m really sick of all these roadblocks forcing the time taken to arrive to the destination twice as long.


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