Smile Precure! Ep 3: You won’t know until you try~

Akane and Miyuki encourage and nominated Yayoi to draw their class entry for “Keep the School Clean” poster competition. Unfortunately she does not win however it didn’t stop the winner from commenting on how it’s pathetic her entry was in comparison to his own. Yayoi then takes her poster down and runs away, end comes face to face with Red Demon.


Oh my gosh, she’s so cute and her powers are so epic. Lightning! That’s badass! And she’s a talented artist- you just wait, she’ll start drawing about their adventures as Precures and make a whole shoujo manga about it!

I loved the fact that Yayoi too (like Miyuki) was excited about becoming a Precure and being a ‘superhero’. Her pose and catchphrase were just as strange adorable (rock paper scissors, where did that come from?!).

I throughly enjoy the fact that both Miyuki and Akane are to yet grasp their purification attack properly, and miss, and how Yayoi didn’t have to strike directly to land a strike on Akabe, but automatically did it like Pikachu. In fact, Yayoi reminds me of Pikachu, but maybe Pichu would be more accurate since she’s tiny… ANYHOW, SHE’S ADORABLE AND HER ATTACK WAS SUPER EFFECTIVE!

I really enjoyed this episode, while there’s really not much for me to talk about, there’s certainly one thing that I haven’t mentioned yet in any of my entries and that was regarding Pierrot’s clock. There’s twenty three numbers, so it gives me the impression that in about twenty-three episodes, we’ll be seeing the big guy, though there’s no telling whether he’s going to turn out as the major boss or not as I highly doubt this show will end with only 23 episodes.

I’m looking forward to seeing Nao join them next week. Looks like we’ll have another athlete on the team, which I totally approve. The more, the better- and I wonder whether she’ll steal Yayoi’s position in my favourite Precure characters slot!


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