Senki Zesshou Symphogear Ep 8: Forgiveness and Trust

Chris finds herself struggling to escape the pursuing Noise and ends up collapsing in an alley. She is rescued by Miku who helped tend her wounds while at the same time learns a bit about her past and why she doesn’t trust people or have any friends. The alarms then sound for a Noise invasion, and Chris decides to take action to protect the people.


This episode really focused on forgiveness between Hibiki and Miku and then Chris’ backstory which proven to be quite subtly horrific.

She was seperatered from her parents and was pretty much abused and treated badly by adults, and now been betrayed by Finè, therefore she really can’t trust them- I don’t blame her one bit.
So it was nice for her to meet and encounter people who watched her back and helped her out. Miku was the first one as she found her collapsed and then Genjurou saved her (which by the way, was TOTALLY BADASS!) when she couldn’t transform right away.

Speaking of transformation, once she did: She was in ultimate badass mode! It’s really fun to see Chris fight, but again her singing isn’t pleasant at all. Again, I do hope in the future that whenever she finds a new song,  there will be a significant improvement- but it’s probably just me.

It was nice to see Miku and the lady help Chris out when she had collapsed in the alley and tend her wounds. However I’m starting to get the feeling that their relationship will play a key role in the future, especially as it might be involved of Chris doing whatever she can to protect Miku and the community if Hibiki were to die before the final episode.

We also learned about the Noise. They can’t sense you unless you make a loud sound, so as long as you’re quiet you can probably get away or wait it out. Because sounds play a role in their ‘senses’, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were vibrations- you know, just like how a bat would sense its prey or an object.

Overall this episode was pretty laid back and felt quite short, but it did give us some background. It was definitely refreshing to see Ryoko not so much in the picture and Miku being brave and useful by using her abilities as a athlete to be the decoy.


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