Senki Zesshou Symphogear Ep 6: Secret is Out!

Hibiki once again forced to change her plans with Miku in order to do Shinji a favour and check up on Tsubasa. However as result Miku ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time and Hibiki who arrives at the scene just barely manages to save her and drive the enemy away from the scene.


Well that was an eventful episode until the long awaited moment of Hibiki going in to save the day when Miku was in danger for being the the wrong place at the wrong time. Hibiki had me laughing my head off when she did that bold introduction which was confusing Chris who didn’t understand why she was saying all this.

It appears that Chris, from her past experience and traumatic childhood, she hates humans and trusts nobody but her master. The fight between her and Hibiki was fun to watch, more so to see her snap- but by the look of it and her reaction to the attack, Hibiki may have possibly defeated her and the team might actually have her under their custody.

Tsubasa was absolutely adorable this episode. It was incredibly refreshing to see her loosened up, getting along with Hibiki and becoming flustered.

I’m actually scratching my head a bit wondering why they bothered to rush that scene where I’ve gladly made sure I got the screencap of, and continue hiding Fenie’s (I’m assuming that’s the woman’s name) face.

Now that Miku knows about Hibiki’s powers, this would probably make it a whole lot easier to give an explainmation… unless she gets all freaked out and, “NUUU WHAT ARE YOU!” sort of melodrama.

Overall decent episode, it was boring for most part, but the fight between Hibiki and Chris was definitely the highlight as well as the fact Hibiki finally managed to put her gear into work- even though it’s the bare minium. I also noticed that her song this round was actually more enjoyable to listen to as I wasn’t particularly a fan of her voice in the beginning. Great to see an improvement.


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