Aquarion EVOL Ep 3: One of the most creative ways to ask for Forgiveness

A/N: We’re told that apparently the debut, rather than the first episode being an hour long, it was both Episode 1 and 2 combined, therefore makes this episode 3. LOL, how weird.

Both Mikono and Arata are sent to the academy, but are separated because of the rules so they are unable to see each other. In the mean time, the two of them are being tested about whether they are capable of being enrolled and joining the team.


I think for most part, I’m going to have a hard time taking this show seriously, but the humor in this- is pretty effortless considering even the silliest things and Amata’s reactions are just- you don’t need to think too much of what’s going on in his head!

Andy is now my favourite character from this show. This dude is so awesome, and not just that, his element power and the way he describes about his passion for digging holes was priceless.

Arata remains corny as ever, but he’s a pretty funny derpy character. The various tests he had to take part of revealed what triggers his Element (Anti-Gravity), which is basically his emotions going wild. We also saw some more memories from the past thanks to the scanner, which was basically invading his memories until then the machine breakdown and he starts freaking out or whatever. *BRAIN-FIREWALL SWITCH ON*

Basically the reason why he wore those things in his boots were to prevent him from revealing his Element as he was constantly feared and rejected by people around him and because of it, he despised his power (aka plucking his wings). There’s one thing I wanted to make note of, and that was that exact scene here.
See Aquarion (Or so I think that’s Aquarion… it looks like it- I have no idea) peeking through the window…
What’s up with that???

His misunderstanding that Cayenne was Mikino’s boyfriend when he’s her brother was cute. However it was interesting to hear Cayenne’s perspective about how he knew Mikino (as a timid, shy little girl who wouldn’t leave the house without him, a coward since birth) and then compare it to what we learned with Amata (where we’re told by Mikino herself claiming that she’s refreshing to be outside since she’s always cooped up in the house).

Mikino doesn’t have any powers, but it appears within the next episode will reveal whether she has an Element or not. If she in fact does, it’s probably something that is more subtle.

Overall this was relatively a good episode. I was able to enjoy it, it wasn’t too corny, so I’m going to say this again: I’m not a huge fan of a character falling in love with someone during their first encounter with them. I get it’s all true love/first love whatever it may be, but still – it doesn’t change the fact it’s pretty boring. It would be pretty interesting to see Arata fall out of love, (and same goes to Mikino,) but right now it feels like it’s already obvious that they are aiming for Mikino x Arata ending.

Lastly, I’m looking forward to learning more about Mykage who is currently frozen/hibernating awakening. It was actually cute to see Kagura going over and sitting down going, “You should probably wake up soon, Master Mikage!”. It’s totally different from that aggressive, bashful personality we saw in the previous episode.


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