NOW THIS IS WHAT I”M TALKING ABOUT. I didn’t feel it in the first episode, but this episode, I definitely felt it! I felt the Gundam Mood!
I’m actually really starting to like the characters a bit more (as for the character designs, it’s going to take a while for me to get used to). Emily is definitely making her way to my favorites list for being awesome. I love her stubborn personality, her determination! And you know what, in the end this is probably going to save her life by getting onto the Diva Battleship because saving the entire colony using the Colony Core is very slim since it’s so large.

I’m also kind of confused on what’s up with Deputy Commander Grodek. In a way, what he did was the right thing besides the fact he wanted to be the one who’s in charge of commanding Diva. Captain Dian Fonroid was planning to ignore the orders and set out the battleship as his priority instead of the people. Either way, there’s something about Commander Grodek that makes me wary of him.

Then there’s Yurin. I don’t know what the hell her ability is, but it’s pretty handy. Psychic maybe? She can sense passageways and other mobile-suits, and specifically warned Flit that there’s a new model they haven’t encountered before coming up. I suppose it was also pretty damn smart of her to run away from Flit despite the fact he was only trying to help her. I’m totally with her, it’s not worth taking the chance after you nearly got shot even though it wasn’t intentional.

Now for the AGE Building.
Um. I’m kind of indifferent about it.
I mean it’s not a bad thing, it’s super handy, but it’s almost far to convenient. Honestly at some point, with them launching out the weapons like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if the enemies intervened and catch it for themselves!

Overall badass episode! I cracked up big time when the Gundam was sucked out and soars into space only to crash into the enemy! Here I made a GIF of it so we can all watch it over and over and over again! 8D


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