Sket Dance Ep 3: Puking Rainbows & The Legendary Onihime

Hime deals with three yankees that were bothering the students at their school. The yankees desperate getting their asses kicked, they continue to pursuit her and discover that her field hockey stick is Hime’s key weapon that allows her to fight against multiple people. However what they didn’t realize was that she had another weakness. The candy she eats known as Pelocan is the source of energy she relies on to remain strong. LOL WUT? IS THIS FRISKE ALL OVER AGAIN OR WHAT? On her way home, since Yusuke eaten her only Pelocan earlier, she ends up being captured by the yankees and taken to their leader where she is beaten. Turns out the leader of the yankees who captured her wanted to make her reputation match the town’s legendary yankee known as Onihime who symbolizes, ‘power and fear’. However what the girl doesn’t realize that Hime is the Onihime and cowers in fear when she reveals her aggressive side. Hime stops herself from beating the living shit out of them and gives them five seconds to get out of her sight. The next day, the yankee leader and her minions decide to become Hime’s followers and idolize her.


When I said ‘puking rainbows’ I was speaking the truth. Yusuke actually pukes glorious rainbows.
Anyways the episode, it wasn’t like we got a major background story about Hime. really all we got was what happens when she doesn’t have Pelocan along with her field hockey stick that she uses as a weapon. One of the things that has been going back and forth in my head was the parody anime for the rod they replaced Hime’s cyclone with. At first (being the big fan I am) I thought they were referring to Mahou Shoujo Madoka, but I knew since this was based off the manga, and it’s been going on for a while I quickly realized that they were probably referring to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical (one of the shows I haven’t watched yet *GASPS* IKR? I need to watch it!) with the twist of the rod reminding me of the one used in Cardcaptor Sakura’s second arc.

Overall the episode was pretty good, I got a good laugh here and there, but I find it kind of hard for me to blog. As some of you know, I usually give the series I like three episodes to get a feel whether I’d be up to it. Since I’m iffy about what to do, I’m going to give this show one more episode to see if he next episode will fire me up.


EXTRA UPDATE: (April 28th 2011)
SKET Dance is being Dropped! 
Reason: I have considered writing Episode’s 4 review, but I have decided not to write it because I don’t find myself be eager to write about it. SKET Dance, while I love the show, unfortunately I don’t love it enough to want to blog it. – Eva


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