Level E, Episode 10: Dangerous Beauty

Throughout this episode I was half guessing that the mermaid was actually Baka since they look alike one way or another – and knowing how mischivious Baka is, I actually considered it a possibility. Anyways the episode, was less of a laughing matter, but more of a bittersweet tale that brings our unique Color Rangers back into the picture. Shimizu reveals, only at the last minute that he is moving to America because his father was being transfered for work. As results his friends grow upset, frustrated that he didn’t tell them ahead of time. After leaving school and going out somewhere to vent out his emotions and frustrations, he runs into an alien who is severely wounded. He offers aid knowing one of his friends could, however stops worrying about the argument they just had. He then learns her kind can tell when someone is lying or not – and if they did lie, they’d be killed. The mermaid tells him to make up with his friends so that he has no regrets. Taking her advice, he apologizes to his friends and quickly explains the situation. The group goes to where she as last, only to find her gone. After hours searching, they finally find a track of blood leading them to the sewers (is it the sewers? I don’t even know where the hell they are myself), as result they not only find her bleeding to death after being shot again – but thugs, the ones she was working with. They go up to defend her whereas the thugs start babbling what the mermaid identities as the truth because her tongue isn’t reacting, however the Color Rangers smell a lie and decide to put up a fight. With their victory, they capture the thugs and get the truth out of them, learning that the companions the mermaid once had were long dead. Outraged, the mermaid takes the gun and kills all three of them. She later buries her pendant that carried the pictures of her lost beloved ones in the sand. In order to comfort her, Shimizu and the others tell her that she isn’t alone and that they are always around if she needs someone. She takes off her clothes and leaves into the sea, where she encounters some other mermaids, a sign for a fresh start.


Overall, as I said it wasn’t a humorous episode. It was bittersweet. It was a murder case going on one way or another, but extremely minor. I found that it was almost misleading me into thinking that this was another one of Baka’s film due to the kind of comic technical shading at times, not as often as episode’s 4 drama story, and the frequent changes in sequence shots.

Now did I like the episode? Comparing it to the last story arc, definitely alot better, although I’ll be honest – I didn’t feel anything. I kind of felt like I was watching this like a mindless zombie or something… I don’t know how to put it. I can’t say I enjoyed it, but I can’t say that hate it. It’s more of “I don’t really care“. Ugh I’m really starting to run short on what to talk about for this show, every entry seems to get short and short. It’s not that I’m not motivated, it’s just – what is there to talk about that interests me? Hopefully next week (if they air, I’m assuming so since they managed to for this one, but I’m ready for anything since Japan’s Crisis comes first serve) will have lots to talk about.



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2 Responses

  1. lolatu says:

    sadly this was my favorite arc in the manga and much my to my disappointment this episode was not as great as the original chapter. I guess the 30min limit and tv’s code of conduct are just one of the many reasons why much of the the dark elements and details were lost from the original work. This affected the mood and the flow of events leading to the unfolding of the mermaid’s tragic tale; and without it the story telling just feels filmsy, and rushed like one of the many pointless flashbacks in jump mangas.

    • Eva says:

      I’ve been restraining myself from reading the manga so that it doesn’t influence how I feel about the anime since I started watching that first. I guess I should be glad that I haven’t read it yet since I probably would have been more disappointed in this episode.

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