Fruits Basket (2019) – Episode 6

Well, this episode went much differently then how I pictured it panning out. Still, I have no complaints about how it was handled. I honestly should’ve guessed that they would of coupled the visit from Tohru’s friends with additional content, considering that the chapter isn’t very long and doesn’t contain a lot of content. While the original anime managed to drag the episode out in a way that was very entertaining, if we are merely looking at a faithful adaptation. there really wasn’t a lot they could of done with it.
So instead, they combined it with the cultural festival. Which introduces us properly to Momiji, the young blonde boy that Tohru met at work back in episode 3. We also meet Hatori Sohma, the person in the Sohma family that is responsible for taking away the memories of people who learn the family secret.

They visit the school for the festival, Hatori is there in place of Akito. Who was running a high fever and was unable to attend the festival himself as a result. He stops to conduct a brief physical exam on Yuki, who hasn’t been turning up at the main house for his check ups.
He suffered as a child from frequent asthma attacks and still has fairly weak lungs, it’s getting better, but as a doctor. Hatori would want to be sure that his patients are keeping up with their check ups and are remaining healthy.

Though it’s out of sight of everyone, Momiji causes a stir by hugging Tohru and transforming. Causing Yuki, who was already humiliating himself by wearing a dress to embarrass himself further by acting dramatically to draw attention from the strange rabbit and the now empty clothing.
They move to the roof where Hatori takes a picture of Kyo and Yuki to bring back to Akito and then takes Momiji to leave. Kyo runs after them to get the camera, Yuki stays behind. Ashamed that Akito will see him dressed like that, he begins to take off the dress. Saying that no man likes to be called cute, Tohru says, that she thinks it’s a good thing. That, being told that you’re cute means that someone likes you. It’s something her mother would often say to her, and it just meant that her mother loved her.
Yuki decides he can give the senior girls a little more fanservice, but first, the button from the dress is stuck in his hair and Tohru has to help him get it untangled. He says a dress like the one he is wearing would be very cute on Tohru and then they part ways and Yuki heads back to class.

Tohru runs into her friends, who approach her with the most logical question. Since she is so close with him and spends a ton of time with him, is she dating Yuki Sohma? In her attempts to deny that they are dating, she let’s it slip that she is living with him and her friends. Determined to make sure that it’s a good place for her, invite themselves over to see what the house is like.
The girls come for a visit, there is a brief scene in which we discover Shigure’s profession for the first time. He’s a novelist, Tohru is excited and pleased to hear this because she finds it to be an important and wonderful profession. Yuki and Kyo tell her to chill on the compliments to Shigure to avoid inflating his ego.
Shigure excuses himself from the house for some outside ‘business’ and leaves the kids there. Tohru goes out to get some cards, leaving Uotani and Hanajima to talk with the Sohma boys for a moment and they discuss Tohru. The promise between the three of them. How they feel upset that they couldn’t help Tohru in her time of need.

“She’s not that kind of girl.”
“Miss Honda is the type of person who deserves the moon, but would never ask you for it.”

Is how Yuki and Kyo react, showing Uo and Hana that they have a very strong grasp of Tohru’s personality.

Vice versa, as we cut to the main house. Shigure goes to meet with Akito, and he flat out tells Akito that Tohru is a much better person then they are. To which Akito responds, “You don’t have to tell me that. I already know, i already always ask for the moon.”

It’s such a creepy and interesting parallel to see Akito use that same analogy when talking about themselves.
Uo, Hana, Tohru and the boys play Rich Man, Poor man and then go to bed for the evening. The girls talk, it’s super cute and sweet. There is a brief moment of backstory, as Tohru explains the story behind the hat that she has been carrying with her since the beginning of the story. It’s still very mysterious and i’ll talk more about it as it becomes more relevant to the plot to avoid spoiling anything at this point.

In the morning the other girls give their approval for Tohru’s living conditions. She will happily keep living with the Sohma’s for now, though right as breakfast starts there is a phone call. Tohru answers the phone and on the other end of the line, is Hatori. Looking to speak to her, he wants her to come visit the main estate. Without telling anyone. She has no choice but to agree and thus she is set to meet with Hatori.
I’m not emotionally ready.
Next episode is probably going to break me in all honesty. I have watched the original animes episode 8 multiple times in the 15+ years since the original aired, I am never emotionally prepared for it. It’s a heart wrenching tale and I am both excited and dreading it deeply at the same time. The name of this next episode is ‘Spring arrives’

Hey, do you know what happens when the snow melts?

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