Carole & Tuesday Episode 6: Life is a Carnival

No one ever said that the road to stardom would be easy. Even though Carole and Tuesday got a big break, things didn’t go as well as they thought it would. The girls have had a slightly bumpy road, but for the most part things have gone pretty well for them. They have people supporting them and whenever people do get to listen to them, they manage to garner some fans. This time was a bit different.

The phone call from the end of last episode was from Hofner, calling Elizabeth for an act to replace a band called Omega at a music festival. She hands the phone to Gus and Carole and Tuesday get the gig to be backups for this band in case Omega’s unstable singer can’t make it. There’s the risk of them not even performing in the first place, it’s literally a 50/50 chance. But Hofner not being confident and what we were seeing with the Joshua dude, it looked like the girls were going to perform. The problem was that they would go from the ten measly people they performed for in the bar, to 100,000 people on the main stage at a popular music festival. Of course it gave them serious nerves, almost breaking Tuesday. They planned to write a new song but they fell asleep and didn’t get the chance. And honestly I would not have believed it if they managed to compose and write lyrics for a new song overnight. Anyway, they make it there and we meet some new characters that I quite like already. Skip looked intimidating but he seemed very chill and was very nice, and Crystal was amazing.

This was a pretty laidback episode as we got to hear lots of performances this time. I kind of wish they would show a complete Ertegun performance, whatever the hell it is he does. He’s really popular and people go crazy over him, and he’s an eccentric dumbass and I would love to see how he is when he performs. He’s a dumbass but dammit he cracks me up every time.

I also wish they showed a bit more of Omega’s performance because I just enjoy metal haha. The moment afterwards was sad but at the same time uplifting. With Joshua not showing any signs of appearing, it was Carole and Tuesday’s cue to step on stage. Unfortunately, the audience got no notification about this (what the fuck?) and the second the girls stepped on stage, things went south QUICK. People are assholes, and I’ve never been to a music festival before, but I’m sure throwing garbage at those on stage isn’t too rare. Either way, it’s rude. Sure you can be disappointed at not seeing the band you wanted to see, but no need to be a dick. Carole and Tuesday performed a faster rendition of their laundry song, but too many people were booing and throwing empty beer cans at them to give a damn. God it sucked to watch. It was painful to see these girls try their hardest, dodging cans, keeping their cool, and THEN only for Joshua to appear out of nowhere and perform with Omega, having the girls to quietly walk off the stage, defeated. It sucked, and seeing Tuesday cry (especially when she was the most nervous) and Carole bringing her into a hug hurt even more. Thankfully, Crystal walked over to them and gave them words of encouragement. She gave them kudos for having the perseverance to continue performing in front of a hateful crowd, as that shows a lot of strength, which she respects. Also, while many people were hating them, their song may have affected some people. At least, it affected her. So while things didn’t go well, they got a pep talk and a hug from a singer! And they immediately bounced back after that, so yay! They didn’t have the love of the crowd, but at least they got the respect of some of the A-list acts like Skip and Crystal, so it wasn’t all bad in the end.

This was a really important experience for them, as painful and hard as it was. Not everyone is going to like them, and performing in front of others isn’t easy. Wanting to become famous, or at least professional, isn’t going to easy. There’s going to be lots of bumps, some setbacks, but if you can’t pick yourself up from those moments, then you’re not going to make it far. But Carole and Tuesday stayed positive after Crystal’s talk, and they want to come back to Cydonia and perform again.

I hope Skip and Crystal are recurring characters because I like them. Looks like the two used to have a thing together, maybe it can be mended? Hmm hmm! Skip’s performance was a little surprising. It was more chill than I expected, and the singer’s voice was not what I was expecting either. A soft voice for a big guy, huh? ^^; And my god Crystal is gorgeous. She gave off a Beyonce vibe, but her song sounded like something Ariana Grande would sing. The lyrics of the song were kind of whatever, but the voice itself was very nice, and the theatrics of the performance were beautiful. And Crystal is just pretty, haha. The designs of the females in this show, and just the way they’re drawn, I just find them so beautiful!

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