Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 14

Our dynamic duo find themselves standing in front of the Church’s armory, a massive collection of medieval weaponry, armor, and general equipment. Kirito concludes that the Church is ensuring its own safety by limiting the options available to the outside world. I can’t imagine an organized threat large enough to defeat the Church through military means, save for the armies of the Dark Territory. However, I suppose if everyone had a teacher like Kirito, the Pontifex would find herself surrounded by an army of Eugeos and the like. Eugeo’s Blue Rose Sword and Kirito’s Night Sky Sword are luckily out in the open, along with an array of other blades. I thought their swords would be given a special place in the armory, considering they’re of Divine quality. This raises the possibility that the other swords among them are also of similar level, or the Church didn’t even consider the possibility of anyone breaking into the armory, so they left them with the other swords.

There’s also a new opening! “Resister” by ASCA will be accompanying us for the second cour of Alicization. It’s not a mind blowing song, in fact it’s rather standard. The opening animation has its moments, but isn’t particularly nutty either. Regardless though, it ushers in a new beginning, and officially marks the end of the “introduction” we’ve been given for the past season.

As soon as they exit the armory, they’re met with the Crimson Knight. A familiar sight, he is the Integrity Knight that interrupted Kirito and Eugeo as they were attempting to bring back Eldrie’s memories. Kirito and Eugeo avoid the Crimson Knight’s arrows with relative ease, even though he’s shooting more than three at a time. Unfortunately for them, they’re essentially living Dark Souls, and the Crimson Knight is a boss fight that has a phase two. This phase two is absolutely absurd, with the Knight using the Enhance Weapon command to bring forth the true fury of his bow, essentially engulfing himself in flame.

Anyone who’s fought against a raid boss, would know immediately that the bow will probably kill you in one shot at this point. Kirito bets it all on that slow reload time of such a powerful attack, and pushes Eugeo to strike while Kirito takes the first shot. Lo and behold, Sword Art Online does what it does best, once more. This time, Kirito makes use of the Generate Element command, bringing forth layers of cryogenic shields to block the flames of the arrow. Surprisingly, the arrow changes form, revealing its true identity as the spirit of a phoenix. The Phoenix is likely the source of the Crimson Knight’s bow, a fitting creature for such a fiery strength. Kirito’s blasted backwards, unable to fully withstand the power of the Phoenix, but gives Eugeo the chance to strike. Remembering his memories with Alice, and all the things that have driven him to this point, he overcomes the Crimson Knight’s flames by channeling the frost of the Blue Rose Sword. Unfortunate for the Crimson Knight that he was facing a foe with natural ice powers, but Eugeo had luckily geared up for the raid boss.

The revelations continue to unfold as the Crimson Knight warns the duo of the dangers lying ahead, and reveals himself to be the Knight who took Alice. This almost triggers Eugeo into slaying the old man on the spot, but Kirito rightfully stops him. There is no honor in killing a man who’s given up. Kirito tells the truth of Administrator and the Integrity Knights, and offers the Crimson Knight his freedom, giving him a choice. Will he believe their almost unbelievable story, or will he believe it to be blasphemy and turn on them in the future? I’m actually very curious as to the choice he’ll make, since he can prove an immensely powerful ally. I’m almost certain he will return because he spoke of the single memory stuck in his head, and I’m sure it’ll be given closure by the end of the series.

Eugeo and Kirito continue up the stairs, discussing their own weapon enhancement arts. Eugeo says his isn’t a particularly offensive ability, and this makes me very curious as to what it’ll do. Perhaps it’s something that can cover the ground and surrounding area in ice, trigger a blizzard, or some other cryogenic ability. Kirito’s is bound to be even weirder, with the Gigas Cedar as his base element. Will he summon a forest in the middle of the Church? Who knows.

The episode ends with the two running into a pair of maids? I’m not sure since they have daggers on their waists, but they’re children dressed as maids. Perhaps they’re the solution to avoiding or outsmarting the Integrity Knights on floor fifty? Overall, a solid episode with plenty of action, and the introduction of the Crimson Knight into the story. Very excited for the next episode!


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