Gotoubun no Hanayome Episode 2 – Rooftop Confession


Putting the episode aside for a second, that was a much more interesting rooftop confession than we normally get from an anime.

Episode two is out and I like it even better than the last one. The first episode had me cautious but hopeful, but now I’m really getting into the show. Right at the top, we got a clear view of how much work Fuutarou is really going need to put in. I knew that some of the girls were in a bad spot, but damn. 100 points total? That’s some serious lack of brain power. From their first interaction, I thought Itsuki was a pretty studious student, just with some bad tendencies maybe. Nope.

Now, I consider myself a procrastinator. I’d even say I have a slight aversion to studying. Cramming a textbook’s worth of knowledge 10 minutes before my exam was kind of my go-to strategy. I’m sure many of you feel the same way. However, I’ve never seen someone so repulsed by studying that they legitimately ran away from it. Another thing that surprised me about Itsuki was that she was still so resistant to his tutoring. I thought imouto-san had successfully guilted her into accepting the tutoring. I guess she’ll need some more convincing before that happens. I guess she’ll need some more imouto.

This episode was focused on Miku, and boy did we learn a lot about her (and Sengoku-era warlords). I enjoyed the deep-dive into her character, I actually just genuinely enjoyed the Sengoku-era knowledge too, and I hope we get to see more growth from her. I think it’d be easy to go ‘this episode is about this sister. Next episode is about another sister.’ What would set this apart for me is if they managed to continue laying out each character as they moved on to the next one. She was surprisingly cute for the typical ‘I’m too cool for this bullshit’ type. We got to see a lot of different sides to her. Damn, I can already feel it. This is totally gonna be the type of show where I, an emotionally fickle person, will be like: ‘Oh MIKU BEST GIRL.’

Next Episode

Oh, Nino is the best girl for sure

I also related to her a lot as I’m one of 4 siblings in my family. I could never imagine the horror that would be having 4 identical siblings, but I can at least understand the part about wanting to differentiate herself from her sisters. Oh man, it’s such a horrible feeling to work up to something for weeks or months and then a sibling does it faster and better than you. I could literally talk about that for days on end, but I digress. The fact that she’s so nerdy in her interest for the Sengoku periods is really cute, in an eccentric way. I’m no bearded old guy, but give me a few decades. I’ll get there. Well, hopefully more than a few. feels head to make sure hair is still there. Whew. We’re good for now.

Where the show is heading, I really like the angle that he’ll try to build up their individual strengths, academically, and then have them teach each other. It’s probably more pseudo-science than anything but, I mean, quintuplets must share some sort of subconscious psychic connection, right? Regardless, I think having that layout will suit this show really, really well. It’s a very natural way to segue into exploring each sister’s interests and developing their character. I didn’t take the time to read the sheet and see what topics each sister got right; I’d rather leave that as a surprise to be honest. I can say for sure that I am particularly interested in what abilities Yotsuba or Ichika will bring to the table as they seem to be the most challenging of the group.

More than just a harem, I think this will be a nice story of family coming together in the end. While the sister’s seem mutually connected in their hatred of studying and academics, they don’t seem that close as siblings. That was a point that seemed especially true this episode given that Miku was too scared to talk about her interests and has been holding in feelings of inadequacy. There might be some serious feels coming our way soon.

Side note. That was, undoubtedly, the nerdiest chase scene I’ve ever witnessed. Watching two people chase each other down a street shouting out random military figures is the type of thing I’d definitely watch for a second before quickly turning up the volume on my headphones and walking away. Not today. Not today.

It looks like next episode will tackle the yandere strategist. I actually thought she’d be closer to a final boss, but I’m definitely not complaining either! I’m looking forward to seeing what this show has to offer.


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  1. Thong Do says:

    The church of Miku need you to spread it words.
    Joke a side, Miku ship is currently one of three heaviest ships in the war. Stand out among her sisters is the most important point of Miku character development, an important plot point of future events This series main rival in the harem genre right now is the series We Can’t Study which have similar plot (guy forced to tutor girls) but i prefer this to We Can’t Study since the story actually keep moving while We Can’t Study stuck playing” Which girl(s) will inconvenience the main character today?” wheel.

    Side notes: I would like to recommend to you an interesting manga called” Keyman: The Hand of Judgment” , it a detective noir manga starting a middle age anthropomorphic dinosaur.

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