Date A Live III Episode 3 – You’re Natsumi

WOW WHAT A TWIST! Lolis, the lot of them. Imagine walking into a metal-walled, fortified underground bunker and you just see a guy with like 9 young children and 3 unconscious adults. What an image.

Is this really the ‘horrible form’ Natsumi was trying to hide? She should go on the internet more often. I guarantee there are quite a few individuals who would praise her for her looks. I didn’t think this guessing game would last the whole season obviously, but they really just wanted it over and done with. From the looks of it, it’s only just beginning though. I mean, she did keep her word on returning the people so good on keeping that promise, I guess. I like that Yoshino looks, like, exactly the same. I wonder if it’s only their appearance that has changed or if they will think/act younger too. Oh man, that’d be bad.

I face-palmed pretty hard when Natsumi was revealed to be Yoshinon. It’s one of those things where it’s kind of impossible for a viewer to guess. Shidou suddenly remembering Yoshinon caught the phone when Yoshino couldn’t see it was so random! I mean, I didn’t really have any guesses, my brain usually turns wayyy off when I watch shows like these, but at least leave like a clue or something. By a clue, I mean something that couldn’t be chalked up to the artists drawing a bad scene. I’ve seen some awful, awful animations. If you’re watching the show I’d very curious to know if you actually picked up on something like that.

I thought this was a good episode overall though. Many fun pieces to it. Firstly, I had no recollection that Shidou promised the teacher they’d get married after graduation. So that was kinda weird. Not unexpected, just a bit odd. Origami’s boldness in the dating scene once again made me laugh out loud. That scene with the straw was so funny. Ugh, so gross though. Wouldn’t he just be sucking up her spit if he had sucked on it. Oh, that’s so gross. I just visualized that. I regret it immensely. Before her untimely disappearance, I thought it was so cute that Touka actually remembered and kept using ‘Natsumi’ as a greeting. Ah, so gullible and yet so adorable.

Kaguya’s scene this episode was actually mildly upsetting. Despite her chuuni-like personality, she’s clearly not dumb enough to believe Yuzuru is just getting extra testing done. 10 minutes of Shidou with no complaining and obeying every command is usually the start of some harem hijinks, but the departure from that was also very nice. Head in lap and head pats. Very wholesome. I approve. Also, I think I enjoyed the clothing choice for Yuzuru too much. Very nice, J.C. Staff.

I’m surprised they gave time in the episode to show Shidou’s date with the three ‘so lame’ girls. Especially considering the friend, Hiroto, got nothing but a mention. As long as they’re a girl it’s fine I guess. Actually, I just looked over the end of the episode again and the non-spirits didn’t even get turned into lolis. Oh, was it because they didn’t see her true form? What a convenient way to cut out the boring characters. From here on out it’s all harem.

One thing that we got to see that was new this season was the sadder side of Natsumi. I don’t know exactly what I thought she would be doing with her free time, but spending it curled up in the fetal position alone in a void is definitely not it. She makes a comment about how no one ever finds her because no ever actually looks for her. Ah, so relatable. Granted, this somberness was preceded by her grinning as she thought of the true despair Shidou would feel after her game so it’s not like she’s totally redeemed or anything.


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