That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime Episode 11 + 12 [ Oof first born idiot ]

Writer’s Note: Due to holidays and personal issues I will be moving to semi-hiatus next season. Stay tuned for me to continue covering Slime and working on our Retro Review of Utena! 

Man the plot has finally arrived in this show! Now that the Ogres have all transformed, they are main stay characters and all of them are absolutely delightful. It’s such a strange thing that what are essentially the main secondary characters took so long to be introduced, but I love every one of them. Shion’s new position as Rimuru’s secretary of boobs, I mean just secretary, is probably one of my favorite parts for these characters. The more characters we get the more I find myself completely enamored with the cast. I’m really happy the Ogres came along because they take up so much more room in the show that the goblins had difficulty filling.

But then we get introduced to the lizardmen, and god help us they are not at all like the ones in Overlord. Now we have an incompetent set of lizardmen that are introduced and they are led by this biggest doofus of them all, a lizard named Gabiru. Gabiru seems very full of himself from the moment we see him and I thought at first this was perhaps going to be something along the lines of he actually possesses incredible skill- nope! He sucks, and gets beaten literally the weakest person in the village. This comes back to bite everyone in the ass by next episode, so keep him in mind.

After Gabiru proves he is a useless sack of crap, Rimuru’s council of close members all gather to talk about their theories of the incoming Orc attack. The Orcs, they think, are being led by an ‘Orc Lord’ who makes them more powerful than any other person. It seems that the Orcs will probably invade the Lizardmen as well. At the end of the episode, however, Rimuru is told a legendary dryad has come to talk with him. He envisions a very beautiful lady and then, low and behold, comes a very beautiful lady! This lady is the transition to the next episode, but her message is very important:

She has come to request Rimuru beat the Orc Lord who has appeared. This confirms to everyone involved the Orc Lord is real, and sets the stage for the big upcoming arc. This prompts Rimuru to offer to work together with the Lizardmen, so he sends one of the Ogres. Everything seems fine and the Lizardmen agree to help, until of course Gabiru shows up and is like ‘nah’. He’s the crown prince of the lizardmen and he has convinced himself he’ll be fine to take on the orcs all by himself!

As you can imagine, this will end well.

I have to say for these episodes I really appreciate the foil of Gabiru, he’s an annoying idiot but he is a much better foil than simply a prideful character. I can’t wait for him to lose everything he loves and get whats coming to him. On that note the Ogres are so perfect that i’m really enjoying the show whenever they interact, even though now Rimuru is eternally going to be in a harem since his one true love died. What a tough break, surrounded by hot women who all admire you.

How will Gabiru’s fuck up influence the future of the lizardmen and even Rimuru’s people? We’ll find out. I’m assuming bad enough to get him thrown off the idiot mobile. What a dork.




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  1. gobuta is actually one of strongest guys in the village. If I remember correctly, it is said that Gobuta has a talent for fighting and wuick on picking up fighting techiques

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