Goblin Slayer Episode 3

This episode of Goblin Slayer encompasses both what I hate about this adaptation, and what I love about Goblin Slayer. There’s a ridiculous amount of fan service from our resident high level witch, but a similar level of top notch comedy from our deadpan Goblin Slayer. It’s a thin balance that could easily be shattered, but for this episode, it’s just too funny.

It all begins with a three adventurers we saw towards the end of the previous episode. A female elf, a dwarf, and a glorious lizard man! They seek our legendary Goblin Slayer, who’s tales have somehow travelled the globe. The elf informs Goblin Slayer about the impending doom of a demon lord amassing an army, but Goblin Slayer hilariously doesn’t care at all. Much to the elf’s surprise, Goblin Slayer explains that Goblins will destroy villages before the demons destroy the world. Quite the economic Goblin Slayer! It’s a hilarious exchange that really brings out the best of all the characters. The deadpan Goblin Slayer who cares for nothing but killing Goblins, the tsundere elf who thinks very highly of herself and her race, the old dwarf who’s banter is top notch, and the voice of reason from the lizard man. It’s quite a generic fantasy party, but since this is basically a dungeons and dragons campaign, I guess that’s fine.

During this exchange, our priestess is left alone on the first floor of the guild hall. There she is approached by the high level witch, whose sole purpose seems to be talking with breaks and for the fan service. It was a bit excessive, from the obvious boob shots to the camera pan from her bare thighs and up. I thought that’d be the worst part of the scene, but the way she speaks is quite annoying as well. She can’t finish a sentence without taking a break halfway through, maybe it’s because she keeps smoking from that pipe! Nevertheless, she tells our priestess about how Goblin Slayer once asked her for help with some magic scrolls. The spells in those scrolls are not revealed, but it’s clear that it’ll be an important plot point later on since they’ve had so much screen time.

The adventurers embark on their quest following the legendary Goblin Slayer because they’re both intrigued and annoyed at the man. How could someone be so focused on slaying goblins, but so careless about other threats? This forms our first adventuring party and perhaps this is the first time Goblin Slayer has had such a large group with him. It’s both refreshing and relieving that our poor loner is getting some comrades, and I hope they stick with him forever! I’d actually be devastated if they get killed by goblins. Please, anything but that.

What follows is a cozy campfire scene where the adventurers share their cultural goods and stories. The elf shares elven travel rations, the dwarf has wine, and Goblin Slayer has cheese. It’s a nice, touching scene that tightens the group’s bonds and also gives us a chance to see a drunk elf, which was quite amusing in its own right. They also discuss the possible origins of the goblin race, offering possibilities such as mistakes spawning goblins. Goblin Slayer stuns us all with his belief that goblins come from the green moon. Now this sounds quite absurd at first hearing, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. His sister never made mistakes after all.

The episode ends with quite the glorious arrow shot from our resident elf, somehow bending her arrow into hitting two goblins through the head at once. Now that was pretty damn amazing, and definitely something I’ll attempt in my next dungeons and dragons campaign. Overall, the episode was some solid development, and I’m excited for the upcoming goblin slaying!


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3 Responses

  1. Kinghumanity says:

    Actually, the witch speaks with breaks because if she speaks too fast and in complete sentences, she’s going to accidentally cast spells.

    • Fuzzy says:

      Oh, that makes some sense. The drawbacks of being that experienced and powerful, she could blow a hole in the guild house by being careless. Interesting.

  2. BigFire says:

    Goblin Slayer’s sister claimed that Goblin comes from Green Moon. GM == Game Master. As the episode’s opening indicates, the Gods have rolled the dice many many times….

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