Chio’s School Road Episode 3 and 4 – Kabaddi, Kabaddi! And Smoking a Little

Quick Announcement

I’m releasing Chio episodes in double posts from now on and I’m on vacation visiting my grandparents.

I love this show, so much. I always am never hype to do an episode of anything, and I always drag my feet, but then when I watch the episode I’m like “ Why didn’t I watch that earlier???” This was one of those days, I didn’t feel like watching anything, but I’m glad I did.

Chio had to clear up the misunderstand with the biker gang. I think she is more confident in this episode, more than before. She had to tell him it was all a lie and she made it all up, I would have been scared too. But then they made it seem like she beat him up and he Andou told them to run XD. I started laughing so hard when that happened.

Then the second part, the Kabaddi, Kabaddi part. I honestly thought Kabaddi was a joke. But it actually is a real game and those are the real rules of the game. I actually learned something from the show. And then everyone always walks in the awkward part:

So the objective the game is to pin the raider down so they can’t get back over to their side and Chio pinned the other team member together and got back to her side quickly and it was funny. It was a videogame sequence pinning XD. That girls hand was basically up in her crotch and she was grabbing her a$$. I almost died.

Then for episode 4, we went Andou again, but this time he is trying to be a newspaper deliver and integrate himself into normal society. But he’s always late to deliver the paper because police officers think he’s a delinquent and he has committed crimes in the area. Wow, I would cry if that happened to me. So Chio and Manama help him deliver the papers because she was trying to fulfill her one hundred yen bet if an an adult would say their job was fun.

People be getting too mad when their paper isn’t delivered on time. Dang. I was like really man? And the amazing way they put the last guys paper in there was fun. I wish I could do something like that. Just a hope.

She acted all romantic with Andou, even touching his hands and hugging him and Manama was like “wtf?” because she didn’t think Chio would date older guys.

Meanwhile, while I watching the episode, in our friend group chat, everyone was arguing about how much is too old to date a guy. Does love have an age? Is there an age where you are taking advantage of the person? Why is it more cringe for a older man to date a younger woman and less cringe for an older woman to date a younger man? Love doesn’t have an age, particularly. Sorry for the rant, I’m just mad because people do that. Okay, I’m done. I took a really dark turn for a comedy show. This week and last week be crazy.

But I also do anything for a bet, even sketchy ones like betting if on other’s and your own romantic relationships go well. I’ve got bets going on and I could a win a small fortune of a 6 dollars.And I’m going to lose that money as fast as I betted it. People get mad when their relationship is getting betted on, but I say ” Someone is making money on something that didn’t have much value before.”

The fake cigarette thing. I feel like a boss when I hold a cigarette, but I see all the problems that come with it. I’m surprised I don’t have asthma due to my childhood spending time next to people who smoke. Love them tho :)

They looked like total bosses.

Then that poor teacher..he was like” there is no way you could smoke cigarettes, cutie” The teacher likes her and he wants to protect her. Aww, what a good teacher. I wonder what he actually teaches.

Till next week folks!!


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