Chio’s School Road Episode 2 – That Teacher About to Get Down

The poor teacher, all he wants to is protect his students, but he sees them roll up with biker gang, running with old guy and coming out of love hotels. He really was not playing.

”Oh hell to the no no”

The biker in the beginning of the show( that has his fly unzipped) shows up. He’s interesting. What biker in a gang was a pink bike with that weird seat? He’s just weird. That whole incident with them trying not to touch the bike, and all the misconceptions. The guy she was trying to past was in fact not a business leader, he was just trying to get a part-time job( True Facts: I got my part-time job while I was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. I’m still surprised), Chio is not in fact a gangster, she is a videogamer assassin who fights other foreign videogame assassins. The biker may not or may not be a gangster, but he might of be the only one who is real here.

The track girl has her priorities straight, she is definitely the perfect girl. She rejecting people, she becomes friends with anyone even if they have lied to her, she still accepts. And that’s what makes her funny. She is just simply better than all the characters( hahaha) esp that girl want to get up the social ladders, but fails because she has betray people to get there. That was just an underhanded move, she was only friends with Chio to get close to the track girl to further herself up the ladder. All I can say is ” What a thot.”

This show is simply funny. All the lying and betrayal make me laugh.

I feel like the lying and misconceptions describes a lot of rappers. Rappers be saying they have lots of cash, but in reality, they have no money. And the rappers who think they have a bunch of btches, but reality girls think they are a$$holes and only hang with them because they have “money”. Rappers think they have a crew, but reality, they are like the btches, only here for the money. Rapper think they rhymes hot, but in reality, they stole that line from someone else and are taking for themselves. Rappers think they style is hot, but in reality, they look like they are wearing pillowcases tied to themselves with a pocket sewn on one side. Rapper think they move a lot of drugs, but in reality, they smoke the little drugs they get from their supplier.

Fake a$$ rappers annoy me sometimes. I don’t have any money, I don’t have any drugs, my crew is the small, and I’m not going to lie about it. Okay, I lie a lot, but not about that.

“I’ma need to check for y’all, I’ma need to check for y’all n****s” – Looking a$$ n*****a by Nicki Minaj

Ah, rappers.

By the way, Chio seems to be having a lot fun in her adventures( staying up all night gaming, running to school and then trying to stay awake in school) and I hope to see more of her and her crew next week.


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