Magical Girl Site – Episode 12 [Final Episode]

So if this does not have a season two announcement any time soon, I’m going to be really irritated. This episode left me with far too many questions and not enough answers.

As you recall in the previous episode, it ended with Yatsumura dying from using up the last of her magical power in an attempt to save everyone. Revealing her at the table with the site administrators offering her the chance to become a site admin herself. Temptest, as Nana explains it to Yatsumura is a culling of humanity. Taking all the rotten humans, the malice and despair and ridding the world of it.
Most, if not all of humanity will be wiped from existence. That world without malice is the hope of the ‘king’, or the girl in white that we’ve been seeing.

The final thing needed to make her a site admin is to bring herself more grief and suffering or cause it for another, not entirely sure on that. The episode is sort of vague about it. Either way, her corpse greys out. Comes back and begins trying to kill Aya.
Aya naturally fights for her life and to try to save Yatsumura, the same way that Yatsumura saved her. By showing her that there was more to life then suffering, there was more to life than despair. She even uses her magic stick to teleport them to the beach to keep the promise they made to see it together again.

Then through, I don’t know. The power of friendship. Some kind of immense wish granting, Madoka Magica BS. Aya gives a part of herself to Yatsumura, weakening the influence of the Site admins. Giving her back some of her life. Despite being choked out, she lives too.
They shoot Nana with Aya’s magical stick and throw her in front of a oncoming train like the bullies of episode one. They declare that they won’t let any other girls suffer, so they’ll be taking on the despair of the world together. They unfreeze time and end Nana’s life.

Meanwhile. Kosame and Shioi save Sarina from the brink of death and reluctantly have a cute moment in which Sarina is forced to say ‘Thank you’, Shioi is accepted as their friend despite being the magical girl killer and Kosame is just cute. As always.

The other girls in a bold and cool looking move take down Hachi and all of her clones. Everyone human is happy.

Everyone except Kaname, who is locked in the basement of the detective. Who sees in horror, his large assortment of magical sticks. What or who in the high heavens is this guy? Well either way, he’s keeping Kaname under control in…well okay. I wanted Kaname in jail, or dead…but his fate of being tied up in this guys basement and being his sex toy might be a little too much even for me.

As for the site admins. They’re not too happy either, but the loss of three admins isn’t a problem for them. They can be replaced with ease.
What concerns the admins is the fact that the girls are blocking their ability to sense who is in need of magic sticks and are suffering. They will need to be dealt with quickly.
Until then, the girls are happy.

Then the girl in white shows up on screen and speaks for a moment and the episode ends. WHAT THE HELL? What kind of season ending was that?
I’ve done enough side research into the manga at this point to know that this just ran off into it’s own beaten path. So not only does it leave off on a filler ending, it leaves off on a filler ending that is screaming sequel bait and dropping bits of cookie crumbs at our feet with unanswered questions.
[mostly about the detective, the girl in white and the the site administration in general]

Final Impressions:

I’m honestly a little torn here. Overall? I loved the series. Yes, it got a little dark and edgy at times. Certain moments were a little too much and a little over the top. Still, it was mostly enjoyable. I liked a majority of the characters even for all their ultimate flaws.

Aya grew past what made her a weak character in the start of the series and ultimate grew. Nijimin despite her bubbly idol persona had a hidden darkness that was interesting. Shioi and Sarina, who were both complete bitches managed to work past that and work with everyone against the site admins.

It makes me sad to know that Kiyoharu goes mostly unnoticed when talking about Trans representation in manga/anime. Because she was honestly amazing, the way they handled her character was amazing.
Past it being a part of her backstory, the fact that she was trans was never an issue. It was never reduced to a joke and the series treated her as a serious and powerful character.

There was a lot to like in this series. The ending though, leaves me very conflicted. I feel like they almost forced a happy ending with sequel bait. Which came off as awkward. We’ll have to see if the anime is ever going to get a continuation. Until then, I suppose we read the manga where we get a much more grim end for Yatsumura.

I did enjoy the series, I just think they fumbled th ending. Overall, a 9/10.


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  1. zztop says:

    Unfortunately the source manga still has so many unanswered questions itself, so you’ll have to follow it for answers.
    Even Nana’s explanation on the Admin’s ultimate goal is implied info from the manga tied up into something more comprehensive.

    The good news is the fantranslations are up to date and following the Japanese sources.

    There’s also a spinoff prequel, Magical Girl Site Sept, with ties to the prequel arc in the main series (chps 56-75) and hints as to Nana’s original self.

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