Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Kaikou Episode 10

“Nothing is more stimulating than using whole nations and the very fate of humans as intangible chips in a game of politics and strategy.”

Adrian Rubinsky is probably the only person in the galaxy that Yang Wenli could outright despise in ever way. He manipulates both the Free Planets and the Galactic Empire into throwing lives away in these huge scale battles as if he’s playing the greatest strategy game of all time. However, I must admit that there’s probably some fun behind being such a jerk with so much power. He can bend the strongest militaries of the galaxy to his will, while lounging about in his mansions on Fezzan. A man with such a strong grip over both sides is no doubt cunning enough to be a major player in this space opera. I’m just curious as to how he’ll inevitably fall, will it be at the hands of Reinhard or Yang?

The news arrives to the Galactic Empire that the rebel forces are planning an invasion through Iserlohn with a thirty million men. But being Legend of the Galactic Heroes, there is no quick answer of just sending Reinhard off to do battle. There’s the question of politics. The elderly administrators of the Galactic Empire must not only ensure victory to appease a rowdy populace, but must also tip toe around Reinhard’s success. Normally something like this would grind my gears because it’d be yet another example of older officials screwing over young blood, but here there’s political reasoning backing it up. It’s not simply out of pride or arrogance that they’re hesitant on sending Reinhard, it’s calculated politics. However, if anyone can screw over expectations, it’s our glorious Reinhard.

On the Free Planets side of things, Yang raises a very interesting point about his capture of Iserlohn has backfired. He worked endlessly to ensure minimal casualties from both sides, praying that the capture of Iserlohn would mark the beginning of a potentially peaceful era. Unfortunately, it has the reverse effect and instead fires up the people into a battle hungry frenzy. I’m not sure what Yang can do here, he doesn’t want anything to do with the military, yet he’s being dragged into a dangerous offensive. Furthermore, he knows that the true reasoning behind the campaign is political, which makes him hate it even more. He really doesn’t deserve this, and the Free Planets Alliance doesn’t deserve him to save them from whatever blunder they commit.

The introduction of Commodore Falk is just as I remember in the original OVAs, a complete scumbag. Not only is his strategy overly bold, his attitude towards Yang is despicable. Yang and the other officers are merely questioning his strategy, trying to cover up possible holes, but Falk responds with messages of patriotism and bravery. Not only is he a scumbag, but incompetent as well, which is a horrible combination. However, his disgusting nature is made quite clear to both Sithole and Yang, revealing a potential destiny for Yang. Sithole explains that if honest men like Yang could take ahold of the highest military position in the Free Planets Alliance, then he could weed out men like Falk before they grew into fruition. This must sound like a horrible destiny for our lazy Yang, but Sitholes deems it a necessity if the Free Planets Alliance is to survive and prosper.

The episode ends with Reinhard and his subordinates discussing their strategy against the Free Planets Alliance, and I believe it captures the essence of why Reinhard has succeeded until now. Far more than just militarily talented, Reinhard collects talented men under his flag and heeds their opinions. Almost like a teacher willing to learn from his students, it’s respectable. His plan to draw the Alliance deep into enemy territory and then shatter their force at once sounds absolutely bonkers, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Reinhard. I’m just curious as to whether Yang will have enough control or influence to possibly defend against him. Guess we’ll see soon!


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