Tokyo Ghoul:Re Episode 8 – People. Questionable?

Short Announcement

Yay!! I have completed all the requirements for my college prep high school yesterday! I’m about to go to college next year and graduation is next Saturday! Thanks everyone for waiting. And our senior trip is next week( Sunday – Wednesday). I’m excited.

This show. And now I’m confused esp with that Tsukiyama bit. Is he sick or something and not eating flesh like he’s supposed to?? Is he still looking for gourmet flavors? It doesn’t seem like he can control his kagune… Well it’s time to actually read the manga and not read weird Lezhin comics.

And that German guy who his servant, what is wrong with him? He gets sad and then starts banging his head against a tree. Wait, that’s suicide, and I guess he was trying to kill himself or feel pain.. My head hurt just watching him.

And also why are Tsukiyama’s crew kidnapping people for slave auction. They see that the CCG ruined the auction and they continue and it hasn’t been that long. They thought they were slick, until that creepy investigator and his crew set a trap for them. That investigator with one big eye, one small eyes, and he looking like a dried snakeskin. The way he talks, the way he moves, the way he does stuff, makes me not want to be near him.

Haise trying to walk around headquarters and he just shows up. And Haise is like “ This boy is creepy…”

I also want to talk about that girl that they called slow-witted. She is not playing in battle, she be savaging people. But she must have ulterior motive for becoming friends with them. I don’t trust people in the show. She probably trying to get something. Like what? What would she want?

Then Touka’s brother is mad because Hinawari was kidnapped/killed( they don’t know if she’s alive or not). Then that whole replacement stuff, how they can just replace the fallen ones and how everyone can be replaced. They can techinally replace Hinawari’s place, but at the same time, they can’t replace her friendship and personality.

What really disgusted me is how they try to differentiate between ghouls and humans. Ghoul and humans are the same thing. Except one eats the other’s flesh. They experience the same emotions and they have pretty much the same brains. Hey, some humans eat human flesh! But they have the kagunes that may kill others. Ugh, pretty much the same.

Chie, the photographer, she on the run from the CCG. So helping ghouls is a crimnal offense? But she helped Tsukiyama and crew, so that kinda makes sense to be honest. She may have helped a slave trader and a person who kills people. Might of. I’m not sure though.

Also that boy rolling in the dough. 1.7 million yen? That’s actually 15,539 dollars. Give me the money, I don’t want to be debt for college. But Shiraku had to kill someone to get that money, kill a real person. She may have been a ghoul, but back to my point above, they are human, just like you and me.

If someone said I could get my entire college paid off( all 6 years), if I killed someone. I would consider it, but the emotional pain seems really high. It also depends who it is. Is a family member or a close friend? Did this person commit a high crime? How am I going to kill them? By sword? Hitting the electric chair button? Poisoning them? Nah, actually I don’t think I would have it in me to kill someone no matter how annoying or terrible they are.

Hmm. That has me in a deep thought process. I was thinking about how at work yesterday, we were talking about our biggest fear and said one of mine is having someone cut out a piece of my own flesh and cook it in front of me, and then eat it. And everyone had that face like ” There is something wrong with you” I always have whack thoughts.

Untill next week, y’all. I’ll enjoy my senior trip.



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