Nil Admirari no Tenbin Episode 8

GAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh man, Yoshikiri was pinned with a death flag, and I don’t know if they will be able to make it on time to save him, but had Tsumugi not even known about even letters being cursed, his death could have been a certain one. DON’T DIE ON US MAN!

But seriously, I understand Yoshikiri’s intentions, but oh my god, sneaking into the enemy’s base, picking up random Japanese Styled Books, like how is that in any way a smart idea? It’s not. It’s a dumb one. He was pointlessly putting himself in danger all because he can’t see auras like Tsumugi and Nabari. Actually speaking of Nabri, um, has he told anyone besides Tsumugi about the big discovery that even letters could be cursed?! Apparently not! Man, with letters in the play now, think about how easy it is going to be to kill the Prime Minister now! Mail him a letter, let him read it, bam, he is dead. A clean assassination and nobody, unless they have the ability to sees auras, would have known otherwise– unless they were to read the content of the letters before him.

Unfortunately Akira didn’t make it back to Fukurou, I don’t know why in the world I even thought that would have been possible. How naive of me to think that. Takashi is a villain through and through, and a scary one at that. He did not simply backhand Akira, rather he whipped his cane at his face, enough to draw serious blood. Poor Akira who can’t stomach blood due to his trauma, forced to look at it, and had it smeared across his face. It was distressing to watch. In the end, he didn’t get any answers to his questions, only pain and misery.


And so with that, it turns out to be a Hayato focused episode after-all! However much like Hisui’s, Hayato shared much of his time with Yoshikiri. The two of them them spoke of exercising cautions and avoiding jinxs, only for Kokuri- the one who likes Yoshikiri, to have unknowingly jinxed it herself. We learned a lot about Hayato’s backstory actually, revealing he had a sister who like Hitaki liked to read, and wounded up setting herself on fire because of a cursed tome. While she survived the incident, she still ended up taking her life because of her severe burns, where as Hitaki’s injuries were not nearly as grave. We also learned Tokimiya had lost her husband the same way, showing many of the members of Fukurou have lost loved ones because of these incidents.

Hayato’s tragic backstory about his sister was just only one of the two that were shared today. The second one was with Yoshikiri spilling the beans about Hayato’s unrequited love-life with the “Park Princess”. It is a the story of the first girl Hayato had fallen in love with, and it was love at fist sight. He went to see her everyday, but despite Yoshikiri’s encouragements, he was too shy to approach to her. In the end, due to his sister’s death, he never confessed to her. Ever since, Hayato never felt he has the right to be happy, and is struggling to move on from that.

And to be completely honest with you, I am half expecting the “park princess” to be Tsumugi, and if that’s the case, then it’s probably safe to say they will be going down the Hayato route, or stick with the open ending idea. That being said, I still feel bad for him. We know how precious he can be, and it sucks seeing him sad because he looks like an abandoned puppy left in the rain. He deserves to be happy! His shyness is adorable though, especially in when he was younger. We have to appreciate the shy guys too!

After Akira revealed himself, Tsumugi ended up informing everyone of the situation in regards to being a target, and confirming Akira is affiliated with Karasu. Tokimiya was not entirely surprised given that there were rumours circulating how he may have been a spy, but it still like the rest of the squad is heartbroken about it. I am a bit surprised Tsumugi ended up being comfortable enough to do so, perhaps because she felt she was able to weed out at least one mole within their group. Either way, it would be a bit strange to see Takashi lighten up his attempts of recruiting her, even as she is being escorted by someone while she is on duty. And if the preview has any implication, given the ribbon and feather, and Tarou (most likely being her escort at the time) looking as though he is recovering from being knocked out, it is probably safe to assume she will be captured within the next episode. I wonder if that’s where it will end though, hahaha, damn cliffhangers.


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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Story-wise, they’ve still to touch on Rui and his book-burning vigilantes. Hopefully he’ll debut soon.

    Also, I think Hitaki’s siscon for Tsumugi.

    PS. Dunno if this’ll interest you, but apparently they’re selling official body pillows of Ernesti Echevarria from Knights & Magic (IIRC you briefly covered this series?)

    • Eva says:

      I was just thinking about Rui’s absence today. We haven’t seen him since Episode 3! LOL!!!! Man he’s in for a new headache, LETTERS TO BURN!!!

      I actually forgot about Knights and Magic, whelp. Every time I thought about going back to resume watching it, I got distracted by something else! 😂

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