High School DxD Hero Episode 5 – She was summoned?

I was starting to get bored with the plot, but then boobs. Cao Cao and his stupid minions were starting to annoy me a lot. They are part of the Chaos Brigade, but I feel like this group has their own beliefs that are slightly different from the main group. I think the main Chaos Brigade just want to destabilize the hierarchy of thing and take over. Cao Cao wants humans to trump over everyone, so he want to kill them all and then he himself wants to take over. He is a piece of trash. Ah, I’ve been calling people trash alot. I have no clue why, tho.

I thought Issei’s powerup would be something serious, but nope, it was boobs, which made me laugh even if everyone is half dead and they are still in the middle of a serious battle. Haha! He can summon the president, so he can get more power from her tits, by using the “ Tities Curse”.

(Tities Curse = a curse passed around Kyoto that makes average people into molesters who want to touch boobs. )

I also love how this episode had a Naruto feel to me. He tried to use what people call “Talk no Justu”, where heroes try to talk their enemies out of fighting them, but it never works and they have to actually defeat them. Issei tried to talk to the shadow guy out of fighting him, but that didn’t work. Then he defeated him using Dragon’s Breath.

I guess the shadow guy is right, if Issei wasn’t taken in by the Gremory clan, and if someone else took him in… would he be used?? Because of his ability and his Red Dragon Power? Just a thought.

Also, why are they doing experiments on this fox mother, again? Oh yeah, so they can lure out this dragon in another dimension because they are dumba$$ mothertruckers who are probably going to accidentally destroy the earth.  I just don’t understand why they don’t just find a way to go to its dimension instead of bringing it to our dimension??? Okay then( insert confused Nick Young meme)

That scientist guy looks like a real player. He’s using lots of spells…

And Asia is just running around healing people and surprisingly no one attacked her yet. Always attack the healer first, so they can’t heal themselves, like what? And hopefully they don’t have to use the Phoneix Tears. But so they have enough them, they should be like Cao Cao, getting them from the black market.. What are those tears? Drugs? Organs?

Also, since we are almost halfway done with this show, I want to talk real quick about something I have been thinking about. I’ve probably talked about it all the time, but seriously the real life complications. Issei is average( or ugly, in some visions) looking guy, who basically has a harem and he gets to have a pretty girls( and all of them like him). And he loves the tities.

There is this guy I know who is kinda ugly, who has a “ really cute girlfriend”. Hmm and nobody believes him by the way. He also like boobs, too. Hmm. Can I get an Issei in real life?? I think he would take a harem to be honest. Ah, when the shows connect to some real stuff. Happens every week y’all. I feel like every time I talk about this guy, I have nothing nice to say, but at the same time he’s a decent friend.

I thought of that, but anyways, if you have any thoughts leave them below. See y’all next week. The school year is almost over. 2 more weeks and then I graduate. Ain’t that fun!

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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all…

    Although, I recall a part in one of DxD’s side stories where Azazel silently muses that Issei’s children luckily took after their mums, but if they’s taken after Issei’s features, then…ugh.

    • Pandora says:

      Ah. I wish I could use emojis. Because I’m laughing. Also, the same kid I mentioned in the post has a bunch of female friends and not too many guy friends like Issei.

      Are his children with Rias?? I’m okay with getting spoilers!

      My response time is really slow…sorry for the late reply!

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