Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Kaikou Episode 8

A Reinhard episode! Finally. Absolutely love Yang, but bouncing back to Reinhard is a breath of fresh air on the Imperial Side of the galaxy.

So Reinhard is finally one of the big dogs of the Galactic Empire’s military, and uses his power to send Kircheis against Maximilian von Castrop. Reinhard’s subordinates raise valid points about potential nepotism and being the capable, intelligent men they are, it’s not surprising that they’d be a bit unnerved about the assignment. However, unlike the saltier old men of the Galactic Empire, they’re willing to give Kircheis a chance to prove himself as Reinhard’s right hand. They want to believe that Reinhard isn’t so shallow a man as to glorify Kircheis for the sake of friendship over actual merit.

I’m very excited for the subordinates themselves and it’s great seeing the new designs of some old favorites. Bittenfield’s flaming red hair and fiery personality are easily recognizable, and Mecklinger’s artsy vibe is still quite prominent. However, the coolest vice admirals always will be, and still are Wolfgang Mitteryemeyer and Reuntal! I’m glad that I’ve warmed up to the adaptation, and I’m all on board for their new designs. Mittermeyer looks pretty much the same although with a bit less weight, and Reuntal still has his cold, calculating aura that I always adored.

As for Kircheis’ actual battle against Maximilian, it was a solid fight. Not particularly flashy or thrilling as the previous fleet battles have been, but it was a battle that really highlighted Kircheis character. Unwilling to take the lives of men following orders, Kircheis does not shoot a single ship and instead offers the choice of honorable surrender to Maximilian’s fleet. It was sweet justice when they turned on Maximilian himself because he really tried his hardest to make everyone hate him. Punching your retainers for saying something? Really? I’m surprised they didn’t turn on him sooner for turning against the Galactic Empire. They must’ve known that it was a hopeless rebellion for 10,000 ships to challenge the entire Empire.

Kircheis seems a bit annoyed when he discovers that Maximilian was killed, and I think that really is the core of his character. He is kind and merciful, unwilling to take more lives than he has to. Even when Maximilian dies, Kircheis is saddened at the loss. Oberstein refers to Kircheis’ kindness later on in the episode, and I believe their difference in ideology will definitely force them to butt heads in the future. Oberstein is ruthless and believes all light needs a shadow, while Kircheis is this ball of honor and mercy. Those two do not go well together and I’m looking forward to whatever drama comes up in the future.

Oberstein’s confession to Reinhard was quite surprising to me because although I knew he was quite the ballsy guy, I didn’t think he’d openly say treasonous words against the Goldenbaum Dynasty. If Reinhard didn’t think Oberstein could be used, Oberstein would be rotting in the bottom of an Imperial dungeon for treason. Luckily for Oberstein, his gamble pays off and he joins the long list of capable men under Reinhard and boy is it getting scary. Reinhard is gathering a number of young and intelligent officers, and his ambition will likely surface soon!

The Kaiser himself is an interesting character, and it’s revealed that he is aware of Reinhard’s growing ambition and the possibility of getting usurped. However, he doesn’t seem fearful at all and instead understands that the lifespan of the Goldenbaum Dynasty is limited. I’m glad the Kaiser is receiving characterization beyond that of simple gardener or Annerose stealer, since it’d be horrible if he was a classic bad guy king.

Overall, a solid Reinhard episode with some great development for Kircheis, Reinhard, and Oberstein. Looking forward to next week!


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  1. BigFire says:

    Both Reinhard and Oberstein see the latter as a necessary evil. If Reinhard is to be the light that brings forth reform in the Empire, Oberstein is the shadow that’s cast and the one that get the dirty works done. You’ll see that there’s quite a bit of dirty works to be done.

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