Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Kaikou Episode 6

What an exciting episode! My hype engines are super ready and there’s a buttload of stuff that just got introduced.

The first new characters we meet are Murai, Patrichev, and Vice Admiral Fischer! All extremely talented men in their own right, they’re quite fitting for Yang’s team since he is against some of the best that the Empire has to offer after all. But they pale in comparison to our beloved, favorite adjutant Frederica Greenhill!

I was unsure about her design at first, but like the other characters, I think it’s a modern fit. The entire 80s bob cut type of hair would seem quite strange in today’s fashion climate, and I’m glad they updated it for modern times. Her character seems just as charming as the original was, and her experience with Yang back on El Facil is such an adorable origin story! It was pretty awesome when she messed up that Rosen Ritter trooper without breaking a sweat, and the episode defined her quite clearly as talented, loyal to Yang, and an independent asskicker.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is quite a male heavy show because that’s just how war is in their universe, but I’ve always enjoyed the female characters in the show. From Julia’s speech to Trunicht in the previous episode, and of course our badass Frederica Greenhill, Legend of the Galactic Heroes goes out of its way to write in some ass kicking women.

The introduction of Admiral Bucock was also a welcome sight. The officers belittling Yang for his lack of experience get scolded, and it highlights a common problem that we’ve seen happen to Reinhard quite often. Old people don’t change no matter where you go, and no matter how deep into the future it is. Thankfully for Yang, Bucock is another badass and puts the officers in their place. He was super poetic too with, “You may be making the mistake of laughing at a tree sapling because it lacks height.” I think that’s such an awesome line that puts those officers in their place, while still being respectfully stern.

But even Bucock isn’t enough to compare to Schonkopf’s entrance! The new adaptation’s Schonkopf looks a lot younger than the original, but it managed to capture the bravado and swagger of his personality that makes him such a favorite. Since the core of his identity remains intact and seems to be doing better than ever, I couldn’t really care less if he looked 40 or 30. The music during his entrance is dramatic, and his narrow eyes give off a very dangerous vibe with a dash of charm. Definitely another officer that Yang will need for his future endeavors.

Yang’s discussion with Schonkopf was another strong point of the episode, and I think his answer has once again solidified his position as one of my favorite characters ever. Yang is one of the few anime characters I can watch and rightfully say, “That is someone I could want to be.” A kind, but lazy man thrown into undesirable circumstances. His only goal is retiring in peace, hopefully preserving a kind future for Julian. I must’ve not been the only one impressed by his conviction, as Schonkopf agrees to join the mission. I’m sure Frederica was moved as well.

But next episode is the meat of operation! Schonkopf undercover and heading straight into Iserlohn! Iserlohn is honestly such an interesting setting for the series, and things always get interesting whenever it’s involved. Also very glad that they showcased Thor’s Hammer and allowed us to relish in its computer generated beauty. Let’s see how it goes.


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  1. Princess Passa says:

    I literally squealed when Schonkopf came on and started speaking.

    Very excited to this arc updated with new graphics.

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