Megalo Box Episode 3

Alright, episode 3!

Nanbu’s history is something the show keeps brushing on, but hasn’t gotten into yet. Considering his level of discomfort entering the Megalo Box registration building, and the familiarity of those within, I think it’s safe to assume he used to participate in Megalo Boxing on this side of the poverty line. Very interested when his history will be revealed, and it’ll likely show a side of Nanbu that Joe hasn’t heard about it before.

Okay, an upcoming character in “The Spider” maybe? The broadcast is hyping up the Spider as a very likely contestant to fight Yuri, and Yuri himself is envisioning Spider’s face during training, so clearly this guy must be a solid fight. I thought it was nice that Yuri stopped training, but immediately thought of Joe’s comment in the ring, and goes back to training again. Yuri’s serious, and he definitely considers Joe an opponent. Also, can I just say that the training machine Yuri uses is badass as heck. Reminds me a bit of Ping Pong the Animation with its super conveyor belt training.

Not sure why Nanbu is so eagerly drinking away in the presence of Fujimaki, who he was scared shitless of in the previous episode. As for Fujimaki’s comments to Nanbu himself, the guy definitely doesn’t seem like he’ll be satisfied if they just reach Megalonia. He reminds Nanbu that he has 3 months for the “big plan” and that pretty much gives away that Fujimaki is trying to rig the Megalonia games. Not too surprising for someone like him, I’m just curious as to how Nanbu and Joe are going to get out of that issue when it arises.

The four kids are definitely going to play a decent role, and I can definitely see them being the first of Joe’s true fans. I feel really bad for how they live, stealing daily to buy more red candy. The red candy itself seems quite interesting, and I’m hoping they learn to drop that stuff. Sachio’s knowledge of Megalo Boxing piqued my interest, and it’s clear that his parents(?) or whoever is on that picture in his hat, have been an influence in that. I’m not sure why he’s a member of this ragtag group of kids though. They don’t seem to have a home at all. What happened to Sachio’s parents that makes him want to go to Megalonia? Are they there? We’ll see.

Gotta say, I did not expect Sachio to steal that prototype gear so quickly! I thought it was an episode away or something, but NOPE, he goes to steal it immediately. I can respect this kid, he’s willing to get his ass beat by a chump in a Megalo gear because he wants to go to Megalo Box, and make sure Joe gets there. It pained me so much to see him getting beat up, and “squeezed” to the point of nose bleed. But luckily for Sachio, Joe comes in with a super badass entrance and crashes through the window with his bike!

The fight between super outie belly button thug and Joe was hype as expected. However, I did not expect the prototype gear to fall apart so quickly. I forgot that belly button thug doesn’t wear gloves, so the damage to the gears is increased exponentially. The music was hype as hell, and Joe choosing to fight without his gear was the only way to go! The shot of Joe rising up to the looming shadow of the thug was amazing, and Joe’s maneuver where he gets cut in the process was spectacular.

Overall, I’m very glad with the episode and I’m waiting on so many backstories! Sachio and Nanbu are shaping up to be great characters, and I’m glad that the “dream trio” of sorts has formed between Nanbu, Sachio, and of course Joe! Here’s to more!



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