High School DxD HERO Episode 2 – Gotta Sneak into the Women’s Bath with a Little Chaos and Plot

I’m always with Issei and his love for boobs, I gotta say, but my homework kind of got that top priority.

Let get in this!

They are going to school trip to Kyoto, and they have this nice hotel minus Issei( he got that ghetto one room apartment room) I almost died, though.

They be going on lit trips, but we have to go to campsite for our senior trip(we get cabins, though). That’s not bad, but I’d rather take the crew’s school trip over our school trip. For real.

The Chaos Brigade wasn’t forgotten in this mess. Okay, I forgot about them. They are still trying to mess up the world and the different myths. I forgot why tho, to be honest. I guess they want to rule them all, which is a good bet. In this episode, they kidnapped the fox queen of that temple they visited and nobody knows what happened to her.

But first of all, why the gang getting attacked by the fox queen in the first place. She was saying her mother was dead or something… which is probably the work of the CB, or some entity working with the CB.

Why do I call them “ the gang” of “ the crew”, this is not Scooby Doo. They do have defeat the CB and figure out where the missing people are, though. Hmm….I should stop trying to force connections.

The most epic battle of this entire episode had nothing to do with the Chaos Brigade. It was battle for the women’s bath with Rossi and Issei.

The moment when you have every man’s dream and you still want to look in the women’s bath:

They were going all out, and I thought the entire hotel would fall down. Then Issei used Dress Break on her and her tits were exposed. Rossi has some big tits, though.

Also, why doesn’t Rossi have a boyfriend in the first place? She is nice person, but her not having a boyfriend and being depressed about it is a good comedic gag( to be honest).

Then another important thing in the show was the other people who hosted the Red Dragon Emperor giving Issei permission to open the box of Juggernaut Drive power( after seeing the boob dragon vid). Well the only 2 that can speak and talk to him. Why can’t the others talk to him? I believe it was because the other 2 were the most powerful users of the power, I think? Also, the most powerful users never come out often in this area with the other user, for some reason. I think it because they died painfully and/or horribly.

“ Once you open the Pandora’s box, you can never close it.” So he let out of the Juggernaut Drive Power and he has to deal with the consequences of letting it out. If he can’t manage his powers, it will be the end of him.

During the episode, his power transferred to a couple different people. His friend and them some random guy in the street. I felt bad for that random guy, he looked like a crazy man even though some weird power was possessing him. His friend just grabbed the non-existent boobs of his other friend and started rubbing them, which was real awkward, but played off better than the random guy on the street.

Well, I want to see how they get the fox lady back, how Rias deals with Issei being gone more, and more of general trip. I also want to know specifically why the president’s honkers are the key.

Thanks Wanderer for that great list of names of tits!( on last episodes comments) That made my day.

“Bosoms, melons, milk factories, busts, funbags, knockers, ballistiques, boobies, jugs, nipples, jubblies, STONKING GREAT TITS!”

And all the commercial break scenes


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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    The Chaos Brigade’s issue is they’re too diverse and divided.
    Although they’re supposedly trying to restore Ophis to her rightful home, the truth is its factions are just using the Brigade’s name for their own personal endgames. Other than a shared aim of destroying the Angel-Devil-Fallen Angel alliance, the factions have nothing much in common. The Old Devils had their own aim, and the new upcoming faction have their own separate goal too.

    Basically the author’s been using CB as a catch-all for most of his villians so far.

    Have you ever been to Kyoto before, Pandora?
    It really is as nice as it looks. Been there on a family trip last year. Visited the main attractions, then did a day trip from there to see Himeji Castle and have dinner in Osaka via shinkansen.

    • Pandora says:

      I agree, because everyone else is being crazy and Vail and his crew with him are doing their own thing.

      I haven’t been Japan yet, but I definitely would love to go. Kyoto seems like a nice place to go and it seems beautiful. Every time they visit places in animes, I always want to go someday. Hopefully I get a chance to after college, but I won’t be able to study-aboard with my nursing degree.

      Sorry for the late reply.

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