Hataraku Onii-san Episode 7( He has siblings?? Well, of course.)

Today the crew is working at an aquarium!( like me! I have an internship at a museum that has an aquarium! What up?)

Today, Kuehiko does the intro for the show because Tapio is too excited in the aquarium to actually do it.

During this episode, I feel like Tapio had more fun at the aquarium than Kuehiko did. Kuehiko was selling tickets at the booth and Tapio was feeding animals and spending time with children. Kuehiko seemed jealous, but I feel like he wouldn’t like to interact with the children and some of the animals anyways.

Today, their boss was a sea turtle named Kameda.Every time Tapio helped him out he would show him more animals and essentially do more work, I guess.

In the middle of that Tapio was helping a lost kid, who was actually Kuehiko’s little sister. That shows so much insight into his personality. Having siblings is so much work. You have to babysit them, play with them and share with them, which always burned me out somewhat.  He’s kinda toned down. His siblings are probably really loud and annoying.

Then Kuehiko’s sister gives Tapio one of those balls you get out of the gumball machine and he decides to open after a long deliberation and the koala comes out.

I had to try to make sure I knew the difference between “work to live” and “ live to work” One of those options is when you work only to live and you have no fun at work, Then there is another where you enjoy your work and your work is fun. All of a sudden, I confused them, so I am about to sort it out. You still have to work to live otherwise, you won’t have anything, but you can’t love every aspect of your job. I enjoy my internship and my waitress job, but there is some parts I really hate. Can’t love it all.

Anyways, my overall enjoyment of this show has gone up. Seriously. Also, I am reminded that I only went to aquarium only once during the time I was at museum. Need to go down there sometime because seeing sea life is kinda fun.

Also, the confusing thing about this episode is that animals go to see animals in the aquarium. Apparently, the animals are getting paid for that I guess, but I’m still confused though. Well, I guess the animals in their world get to see animals they wouldn’t see elsewhere. But except other animals do live around them. I believe this show takes place in Japan and good half of the cast wouldn’t be here if they were in their native habits. I’ve just been thinking about that for awhile.. Maybe I thought about that too much. Way too much.

Also I think Tapio’s shirt keeps on saying different things on each episode. I can’t tell, and I’m not sure. I have a hunch.

Comedy: 7 out of 10




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